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Less magic, less power / hero megabuff

What?? I make 10 less magic damage with hero. What happened?
Someone more with same problem?
Now is ridiculous. Has it been nerf?
Did hero magic been changed?

Heroes were getting more skill points from bonuses than they should have been. We have fixed this bug with the latest update.

However we will be reviewing Heroes for another (proper) buff in the future.


but now hero is not useful. My hero team is broken now at all. I was hitting 30 base points with creeping death, now 20 is not going to be enough. So , What I do? play with the same of all the people. I don´t like that, I like my own team, my own chances. Hero is not usefully now for me with this nerf.

Try phylactery with your sorc. It makes your hero a tank, and makes you more souls than valkyrie.

I don’t want souls I want to make 30 damage base, like I was doing. Now I make an 33% less damage. That’s not enough to continue.

Good point. With all the talk over valkyrie i thought you had paired your hero weapon with valkyrie for the souls. I never got the hero bug so i never noticed the drop in stats. My hero is just over level 200.

is not level hero, is magic hero. I was doing base 30 damage with creeping death, now 20 damage It ´s a lot of points less. How can compensate that in the same build? not viable. I don´t use Valkyrie

Unfortunately, you were (without knowing it apparently) exploiting a bug. Heroes were never supposed to be getting the stat bonuses they were getting.

Hero may have been getting more bonuses than it should have been but I hope the “proper buff” @Nimhain hinted at does the hero justice. How can a troop than can get about level 1000 not do as much damage or be as useful as one that can only achieve level 20? The hero is a wimp once again.


All those lovely but now wasted traitstones and souls. Sigh.


I don ´t think so. Every point up on magic come of level up kingdoms and stars, and a long time ago. I also see a lot of hero enemies with similar stats. Now I cant fight against 4 Queen Isabelle for example. Yesterday I win some fights. If you are ok hero is not competitive now, not be a chance of teams maybe for me

Yes, that’s exactly what is happening.

See post #2 in this thread.
Nimhain, one of the developers of the game, answers your question.

All right then. So no more hero build, no more hero team. Change all build by nerfing hero stats.
No more hero competitive now in builds for me. That´s what I see.

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There was a post in another thread by @Sirrian that hero is being looked at over the next 5-7 days with some points given to get it back up to better toughness. They thought the way it was would end up becoming a problem in the future.

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Unfortunately that is the case for now. The developers have suggested that they want to fix it but they want to do it right rather than just allow a bug to continue to exist.

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but bugs are everywhere. for example the yellow guardian increases armour when a troop die. That’s false,increase armour every turn. So this extreme nerf to hero makes him unviable for high fights.
So again all the people with the same, like emperor korvash.

I understand what you’re saying but they didn’t nerf the hero, they fixed an unintended modifier. At higher levels and with new powers, the hero would eventually become unstoppable at the rate the stats were applying. It had to be fixed.

Not sure about the yellow guardian - I use him all the time and don’t see the bug you’ve suggested.

This bug was not a global thing and made the game unfair for players not affected by it.

yellow guardian increases armour of your troops when a troop die, but I see that increases every turn. That s not the thing that is write on the card description, so I think something s not going well.
Yes I see that it´s something that been happened for a long time, maybe, but someone try to play with this “stats”, with hero. I cant believe what “crescendo” damage do now.
It´s look like I’m the only one who ha this “stats”

What damage does crescendo do now? Sorry at work and you got me curious