Leader Board Shenanigans on Xbox for Bounty


Only ones cheating in guild wars are the ones with so called sister guilds. A player shouldnt be allowed to rejoin the same guild for 30 days after leaving. Also it has been addressed that muti ties is not cheating. If its a problem then play harder and knock them out of 1st.


It was an 8 way tie CB2E7025-E104-42C3-A713-39972BFFFCF4


Yup that’s the record on xbox

I am too lazy so i never been in these ties :slight_smile:


Why? (Less than 10)


How is that anything to do with cheating in GW?

Sometimes people need a couple of weeks off and move to a sister guild to not hurt their guild with their inactivity. Why should they be punished for helping their guild?


Because its a problem and needs to be addressed. The so called sister guilds pretty much give the victory to the main guild if they are in the same bracket and battle each other in guild wars. How is that fair for players who wanna get better? . Plus rotating players for other events.A 30 day ban would discourge this activity.


yeah, a beautiful 8 tie! Im sad to see my name hidden in the screenshot.

@scottl1969 I wonder where can be the prob for you about the tie? If you want a power orb, you have to score more than the guy 1st on the leaderboard. Its as simple as that. There can be 1 guy 1st with 200 points or 10 guys tied at 1st rank with 200 points, you will still need to score 201 points to get the orb of power. Every player is free to chase the guy(s) at 1st rank.
And about the game economy, these ties are even a good thing for the game because if there is 1 guy at 200 points and you chase him, then only 2 players will do the race for the orb of power. But if you chase 10 players tied at 1st rank, then you force all of them to play again which translates to much more gems spent during the event.

Like @truethat said, the cheat where the devs need to concentrate is when 2 sister guilds are in same bracket and they give eachother easy defense. But unfortunately even when that happen, it seems the devs dont do anything about it. I wont call out any guild of course, but Im surprise a certain guild have not been demoted of several bracket after last GW on Xbox…


That doesn’t answer my question. Yes sister guilds can help main guilds but how would stopping people moving around stop that?

Why should it be discouraged? If I moved to my main guild to do raids and invasions and then moved back to a sister guild during tower of doom how does that hurt anyone? What’s wrong with that?


You tell ‘em, Maxx!