Leader Board Shenanigans on Xbox for Bounty

Why are people allowed to manipulate the systems for ties at the top of the leader board.

[A: edited by Lyya] and [B] are the from the same guild [C]. I call BS. This is not the first time in the past months its happened. There is not way there would be a tie if not on purpose.

Isn’t this the same as the top Guilds in Guild Wars setting up defenses for certain guilds to get easy points?

its allowed far as i was told

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You may want to edit your post to take out the names of the players.
And no, it’s not the same. Those who tie on points don’t take anything away from any other player. When guilds collude in GW they are giving an unfair advantage.
That’s the difference.


Its cheating.

Who’s getting cheated?


Double payouts of the rewards. Not designed that way. The people are pathetic.

The events are designed to shake down gems from those who want to compete for them. The events are working as intended. Whether 1 or 2 gets a power Orb. Or 1 gets a power orb and the other gets 2 major growth orbs.
The devs have no issue with it. They design the game and the rules. So…🤷


No it’s not even close to being the same. Both people on the leaderboard spent them gems and put in the work where as cheating in GW the people benefiting don’t have to put in the work to win.

Both the people on the leaderboard did their battles like everyone else but they did more. There is no cheating there.


i sent this picture to a dev way back on september 30th, asking if this was an OK thing to do and never got any sort of reply.

for the record, in my opinion it’s fine for people to game the system in this instance. it does not hurt any other player below them.

Edited the OP to remove names. Callouts are not allowed. If you suspect someone of cheating, please either submit a support ticket or PM @Saltypatra or @Cyrup with your concerns.

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Two players more than doubled the score of any other human playing the game, and the suspicious part is they both decided to quit and go play another game at the same total?

My guess is they were neck and neck for a long dang time, both playing just one more match to beat the other over and over and over again. It became clear that both players had the resolve to sink infinite gems and infinite time to beat the other. Staying that course means the winner is a coin toss: whoever manages to win a game closest to the rollover shutoff gets it.

Those are bad odds. It makes sense that after a few hours they’d both agree to de-escalate to a tie so they could do other important things with their weekend.

That’s how it’d work out for me if somehow I ever found myself unfortunate enough to have the time for a leaderboard attempt and no other way to spend it.

It’s a smart (and lazy) for the developers ignore players that are cheating/gaming the system for such a long time. This “printing” of Power Orbs induces inflation in the virtual Gem economy. So if they they initially planned on a reward structure of about 5 Orbs of Power per week, instead they are giving out 25 Orbs of Power per week…

Therefore in the future the have a direct reason to nerf the rewards/payouts of rewards for everyone.

A few players gaming/cheating/or exploiting the system for resources will eventually be followed by Reward nerfs for everyone across all platforms. It has happened before…, multiple times.

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easy solution - add two other score values - battles played and time spent on them
if people can synchronize all 3 of those they deserve multiple power orbs :smiley:

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Going by the PvP leaderboard there seem to be at least 50k players playing this game very regularly. Have you considered that the devs might just be okay with 25 instead of 5 of those 50k players getting an Orb of Power each week? Especially since it would be easy to add a minor fudge factor to scoring if they really wanted to? When someone has paid the gem equivalent of several hundred dollars to score that high, it might not be in the best interest to find arbitrary reasons for not handing out an extra Orb of Power that has zero production cost.

They are from the same guild. So it was coordinated.

Go look at the Xbox Leaderboard. The names are correct.

That is not the point. The forum has a clear policy against callouts, regardless of whether the information is retrievable in-game or not. You are free to discuss the concept (forced ties resulting in extra/better rewards) but leave player and guild names out of your posts. The community guidelines are spelled out here:


Kafka already mentionned in global that wasn’t cheating

Guild of theives had a 5 or 6 way tie for first once… which was awesome :heart_eyes:

I never said it wasn’t coordinated. Here’s the TL;DR summary of what I said:


What if they agreed to finish 1 point apart? Nobody would be making a post. Why is that so much different? It’s still a coordinated result.

What if an entire guild of 30 people all decided to spend ~200 sigils and top 30 the board? Is that wrong too? Do guilds need to be careful about how many of their members hit leaderboards at the same time?

When someone cheats, they do something that gives them an unfair advantage over other people. This is “2 people who had a lot of time and money both spent a lot of time and money to finish at the top”. That’s not cheating, in my book, because if there’s no way being in the same guild made it any easier. It’s not like they shared sigils or abused some bonus they get from being in the same guild.

A random nobody with the same troops, gems, time, and willpower would’ve finished in the same place with the same number of points. They’d have spent more sigils trying to beat him. If that nobody had more time, willpower, and sigils they’d have lost. That’s why it’s not cheating.

Compare this to a person with a trainer, or who has tricked the game into giving them too-powerful troops: this person can get more points/time than a random nobody. That’s cheating.

This case boils down to “since they both wanted 1st place harder than anyone else it’s not fair”. Tough. First place goes to the person who pays the most time and effort to get there. If two people agree they want to fight harder than anyone else, but not harder than each other, the only person who can do anything about it is that third person.

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