🌸 Join DruidsVale! (30 / 30) All of the Rewards, None of the stress :-) 17+ Legendary Tasks + 40K Seals + GW 3 :-)


:four_leaf_clover: DruidsVale is Recruiting! Come Join our Amazing Family! :four_leaf_clover:

We are a Guild of veteran, experienced players plus newer, highly active players. We Achieve Maxing 6 Mana Statues plus completing 15 to 19 Legendary Tasks, and Achieving 40K Seals each week _We are Guild Wars Bracket 3 :rocket: Our Immediate Goal: Continue Maxing all 6 Statues + 40K Seals Every Week! Join us and let’s grow together successfully!

We are a Great Community of Gamers and we mainly use Discord for easy Guild communications.

Weekly Minimum Requirements: 500K+ Gold on Monday (after new Druids join). Claim Seals Daily and Claim 1500+ Seals by Saturday at noon. Complete 25 GW Battles by Saturday and 30 by Sunday. These are the absolute minimums. Play the minimum Sigils Battles in the Orb Modes. (Raid Boss, Invasion). All Druids greatly over achieve these requirements on a routine basis. :smiley:

Join us and continue Maxing 6 Mana Guardians every Week and completing 15 to 19 Legendary Tasks!!!

Join our Team and Make it Happen! :rocket:

 DruidsVale Guild Statue Levels and Rank as of 6-15-18.

 DruidsVale Maxing 6 Mana Statues and Legendary Tasks:

 DruidsVale Rocking Guild Wars Bracket 3:

 DruidsVale Raid Boss Maxed:

 DruidsVale Tower Event Maxed:

 DruidsVale Achieving 40 K Seals Again:



:hibiscus: :-) Join DruidsGlade (30 / 30). Achieve 38+ Legendary Tasks + GW Bracket 1 + 40K Seals. League Rank 33 :-)
:hibiscus: :-) Join DruidsGlade (30 / 30). Achieve 38+ Legendary Tasks + GW Bracket 1 + 40K Seals. League Rank 33 :-)
:hibiscus: :-) Join DruidsQuest Today! (29 / 30) "All the Rewards worth Achieving" Min Reqs: 200k+ / 1000s to 1300s / 100t
:hibiscus: :-) Join DruidsGlade (30 / 30). Achieve 38+ Legendary Tasks + GW Bracket 1 + 40K Seals. League Rank 33 :-)
New Guild Needed - Closed
Looking for active guild that gets all tasks done
:cherry_blossom: Join DruidsHaven! (28 / 30) We are a Refuge for Veteran Gamers and a Haven for Active New Players :-) No Reqs. Just be active and Play

Great group of people, great atmosphere!


Great guild. Great people!


DruidsVale , an Alliance with DruidsGlade, is now officially recruiting. :smiley:

DruidsVale is even more laid back than DruidsGlade. Although we have several, very active players, DruidsVale offers an even more relaxed environment.

Weekly Reqs. Min of 100K+ on Monday… 600+ Seals by end of Saturday. 100+ Trophies for Guild Growth

Please reply here if interested in Joining and I will immediately invite you (I’m online now)



Hello, I am interested in joining the guild! My invite code is Cyber_8


Welcome to DruidsVale! We still have Seats open. We have a large Discord built for Guild Wars.

Come be part is something special. All Friends are Welcome! :smiley:



Hi @cybermass! Welcome to DruidsVale. Invite sent! Welcome to our Team. :smiley:



Thanks! Guild Looks Awesome!


Welcome aboard @cybermass :rocket:



Hi Everyone! :blush:
I’ve just joined DruidsVale!:champagne::hugs:


Me too! :sunglasses:
Hello fellow guildmates!


Welcome Aboard @Hitomi and @Niki! We are Thrilled you’ve joined us Hitomi and we are Very Excited for your return Niki! :grinning:



I’m looking forward to joining you!



Welcome Aboard Tryael and Maheldir! :rocket:

We have a few Seats left. Please reply if interested in Joining our Alliance:-D



I would like to join if there’s still room. Lower level new player but can meet the requirements. I assume I need to leave my current guild that is barely active.

Invite: Minitanis2516


Hi @Minitanis2516 > Yes, I will Invite you! We are thrilled to have you hop on-board! :slight_smile:

You will need to leave your current Guild before I can invite you. Are you able to join me on Discord? I will PM you the link :smiley:



I don’t have discord but can get it if required. I left my guild now. Only 5 of us attacked in the war today. Not very active.


OK. I’m sending you an invitation to Join! :rocket:



Welcome Aboard the DruidsVale Express Train :rocket: We are thrilled to have you @Minitanis2516 .

Although Discord is not required, please consider checking it out as we have a massive, super Awesome setup for Weekly Events, Guild Wars, Farming, etc.

Plus we have a Great Community of Gamers to simply hang out with on Discord.



Way to Go DruidsGlade! :rocket:

Come Join DruidsVale as we only have a few Open Seats left. Jump in! :smiley:

Have questions? PM me or hop onto our Open Community Discord for more info. We have Friends from many Guilds on our Discord Server. :smiley: