🌸 Join DruidsVale! (29 / 30) All of the Rewards, None of the stress :-) 17+ Legendary Tasks + Top Tier Invasion/Raid + 40K Seals + GW B3 :-)


Welcome to DruidsVale! Any chance you can join our Discord?

We share a chat server with DruidsGlade. We share strategies together so it can really accelerate your growth :sunglasses::+1:t4:



Join DruidsVale Before Guild Wars!. We are Growing Quickly and We Want YOUR HELP to Continue Growing! :smiley:

We are an equal Alliance with DruidsGlade. We are one big Family of Gamers, we share a Discord Server for Guild Wars Collaboration and as a general Hang-out with people from many Guilds.

Now is a Great time to Join! We are 1 day old and We already 14 Players Strong! More Players are Joining before Guild Wars! Come Join Us! We Just Unlocked a Bunch of New Seats in DruidsVale! :rocket:

We are looking for the next Dragon Prince /Princess to Join our Team! :rocket:

Can you easily exceed our Min. Reqs.? Please sign up and help us unlock all 30 Seats so we can Max 6 Statues later this week! :rocket:

Requirements: 100K+ on Monday. 600+ Seals by end of Saturday. 100+ Trophies for Guild Growth.



Way to Go Druids! We managed to have 4 more Friends join last night just before Reset! Welcome to our first Guild Wars Team! Please join our Guild Wars Discord if you have not already!

More Friends are also welcome. Please reply here, PM me, or join our Discord and I will Invite you.



Wow! 20 Amazing Players in 2 Days!

Druids, we might be able to max all 6 statue in our first week! Way to Go! :rocket: :shamrock:

We are still looking for a few more dedicated Druids to join our Alliance!

Jump in now and help us max 6 Statues this week!


Any reason for small guilds to play guild wars?

Hi - I’m a regular player, lvl 360 and lookingvto join a dedicated, but fun guild! I’d like to join if you have spots open. Invite code is KANE 38.



Reply @K_A_N_E_78 Great news we have a Seat for You!

I will send you an Invitation. Welcome Aboard! :smiley:



Way to Go Druids! 2 Days Old and Smoking Hot Progress and Growth!

Druids, with your help, we can Max All 6 Statues!!! Join us, become Legion! :rocket: :shamrock:

We need a few more dedicated Druids to Join our Crew. Please consider us and check us out! :smiley:



Looking to join an active guild… got room for one more?

I would have already completed most of your weekly requirements… and it’s only Wednesday.

Invite code is ARACNII_1


Hi @Aracnii , Invitation Sent! :smiley:

Can you click the link in the post above and Join our Discord chat? Takes 60 seconds and they you access to our Posh Online Community :sunglasses:



Done :slight_smile:


Fantastic Job Team! We Won the Fist GW Battle that we’ve played! :rocket:

More Friends are Welcome to Join Us! :smiley:



Welcome Aboard @K_A_N_E_78 and @Aracnii ! :sunglasses:

We are looking for our next Dragon Prince / Princess. Can you easily exceed our minimum requirements?

Are you looking for a fun, social, active Guild that completes 6 Statues and wins in Guild Wars?

We are a strong group of both new and veteran Players. We are looking for other Strong players to complete our Guild.

Come check us out on Discord. We have an Amazing Community online. Friends are Welcome. :grinning:



Hi I’d like to join! I’m level 138, max leveled all but 2 kingdoms and regular contributor to trophies and seals and gold.

Looking forward to joining a friendly and active guild! :slight_smile:



Welcome Aboard @Trakard ! :grinning:

Invitation Sent! Any chance you can also Join us on Discord?



Hello, I would love to join this guild, I think I can get those requirements. Can I join it?

Invide Code: THEDEVIL_1


Welcome Aboard @TheDevil85 ! :sunglasses: Invitation sent!

Friends we are looking for a few, active players to join our Team. Please contact me on Discord or here on Forums. :rocket:



since i cant stay in Dragon’s Peak i would like to join this guild :smiley: ! but could you recruit me on monday if there’s any slots left by then


Hi @DarkSamurai, Yes, we absolutely have a Seat for you. I will PM you more info. We can also accommodate you joining after GW. :grinning::rocket:



Welcome Aboard New Friends! :smiley: :rocket:



Hi! Hope I can join you guys. I’m level 605 and routinely meet those requirements, but my old guild fell apart in activity. My invite code is NADIA.