🌸 Join DruidsVale! (29 / 30) All of the Rewards, None of the stress :-) 17+ Legendary Tasks + 40K Seals + GW 3 :-)


:four_leaf_clover: DruidsVale is Recruiting! Come Join our Amazing Family! :four_leaf_clover:

We are a Guild of veteran, experienced players plus newer, highly active players. We Achieve Maxing 6 Mana Statues plus completing 15 to 19 Legendary Tasks, and Achieving 40K Seals each week We are Guild Wars Bracket 3 :rocket: Our Immediate Goal: Continue Maxing all 6 Statues + 40K Seals Every Week! Join us and let’s grow together successfully!

We are a Great Community of Gamers and we mainly use Discord for easy Guild communications.

Weekly Minimum Requirements: 500K+ Gold on Monday (after new Druids join). Claim Seals Daily and Claim 1500+ Seals by Saturday at noon. Complete 25 GW Battles by Saturday and 30 by Sunday. These are the absolute minimums. Play the minimum Sigils Battles in the Orb Modes. (Raid Boss, Invasion). All Druids greatly over achieve these requirements on a routine basis. :smiley:

Join us and continue Maxing 6 Mana Guardians every Week and completing 15 to 19 Legendary Tasks!!!

Join our Team and Make it Happen! :rocket:

PM @NowayJoe2Go#0766 or join our Discord https://discord.gg/wrtWCvs