🌺 :-) Join DruidsQuest Today! (29 / 30) "All the Rewards worth Achieving" Min Reqs: 200k+ / 1000s to 1300s / 100t


Hi there. I would be interested in joining. I am level 677, seals 1,500, 500k Gold, 100 trophies. My invite code is LANCEPEPPLER_GBRP so let me know.


Still slot open if anyone is interested in joining Druids Quest.


Hi there, I would love to join your guild. I am level 998 and can make all requirements (although I do not have Discord). My invite code is STORMCLAW_RQUG if you are interested.


We’re looking for someone who is a strong player but wants to have some flexibility and less stress of a solid competition guild.

Ideally we would love someone who does more than min reqs (double gold especially) so we can get to getting six statues a week :slight_smile:


We are recruiting for 2 strong players to join us! :smiley: Join our Discord and PM @NowayJoe2Go @Taisiakat :smile_cat:

We usually complete ALL TASKS -1 in Raid and Invasion. Here’s our current GW Rank :rocket:





Fantastic Job DruidsQuest!! :rocket: We completed 5+ Tasks again this week! And MAXED 8+ PORTALS while finding a several new Pets! :four_leaf_clover: Way to GO! :dark_sunglasses:


Always 20K Seals! Usually 40K on New Mythic weeks. Join us and Helps us 40K!! :sunflower: :sunflower: :sunflower:

Way to Go Team!



This week we’re even doing better!

5 Tasks by Wednesday already done

We just need one more older seasoned player who just wants to relax, have some fun, do things but doesn’t feel the pressure to be competitive.

Come join us!


Way to Go DruidsQuest. As of Saturday, We have completed all Statues and 1 Legendary Task this week thus far!

We will finish 11 Stages of Invasion again as well! :rocket: :four_leaf_clover:ORBS :four_leaf_clover:

Seals were below 40K this week. Hopefully we get 40K again on next Mythic Week.




We have one slot available RIGHT now. Come talk to me or @NowayJoe2Go or check us out on discord


We have a slot right now for someone!!


Fantastic Job completing Portal 8 again @DruidsQuest!!! Maximum benefit with minimum pain! :smile:




Lvl 570, 200 trophies, 700k gold, lvl about 30 times a week.
Invite code: jbfranklin26


Lvl 920, 600k, 1500 seals, 200 trophy
Invite : piggysoup_advs


Come over to a good strong guild. 1 spot left


Bouncing to the top. There still is one slot left open in the guild. Come join us :slight_smile:


:rocket: Join Druids Alliance Today! Come Join DruidsQuest! :rocket:

DruidsQuest is focused on having FUN: We have been maxing 6 statues Weekly and we always achieving 40K Seals on Mythic weeks. DruidsQuest often Achieves 1 - 2 Legendary Tasks per week!
Don’t get bogged down grinding… Join a Guild where we all contribute and we are all over-achievers. :sunglasses: We usually complete ALL TASKS -1 in Raid and Invasion. We are GW top 50-70. :rocket:


We are recruiting 1 strong player to join us! :smiley: Join our Discord and PM @NowayJoe2Go @Taisiakat :smile_cat: