🌺 :-) Join DruidsGlade (30 / 30). Achieve 38+ Legendary Tasks + GW Bracket 1 + 40K Seals. League Rank 33 :-)


Way to go on 25+ Legendary Tasks again this week DruidsGlade. Great start to the week! :smiley:



We are Recruiting for a Dragon Princess, Dragon Prince to join our Team today :smiley: Come join our Team :smiley:

Since the Gem Nerf we do 22 to 27 Legendary tasks each week. We are in GW Bracket 1. We normally rank 5 to 8 in Guild Wars. :rocket: We all give it our Best and Collaborate together and try to have fun! :smiley:

Click on the Discord Link below to Quick Join our Open Network Channels. Then, PM @NowayJoe2Go on our Recruitment Channel. Come join our Team.



Awesome Job in Guild Wars last week DruidsGlade!


Fantastic Job DruidsGlade!! :rocket: We completed 33 Legendary Tasks this week! And MAXED 10 PORTALS while finding a TON of new Pets! :four_leaf_clover: Way to GO! :dark_sunglasses:


Way to Go Team!



Way to Go DruidsGlade. As of Saturday, We have completed all Statues and 38+ Legendary Task this week thus far!

We finish ALL 12 Stages of Invasion Again as well! :rocket: :four_leaf_clover:ORBS :four_leaf_clover:

Seals are ALWAYS 40K early in the week! Good Luck getting June Mythic Druids! .




Way to Go DRUIDSGLADE! We are Recruiting. Join our Discord. :smile:

Amazing Job Druids on 37+ Legendary Tasks Again this week and ALSO another MYTHIC Legendary Task… UNDINE :smiley:

Another Strong Week in Guild Wars Bracket 1! :rocket: Come Join DG!


We have a Seat in DruidGlade this Sunday!

We max all Events and Guild Wars! Always 40K seals and 38-40 Legendary Tasks!

Join our Discord and PM @NowayJoe2Go @Khross ! :heart:️ :grinning:



:cherry_blossom::star2: Congratulations for pulling yet another Mythic from Legendary Tasks DruidsGlade! :smile:




Way to Go @DruidsGlade!! Yet another strong weekly performance. 37 Legendary Tasks, 40K Seals, and Portal 10 Rewards for Raid Event! :sunglasses: