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🛡 Join Audles - We are open for Veterans and active new players! Casual but dedicated [Full]

Hi Deheero, please send me your invite code! :slightly_smiling_face:


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Invite sent, welcome to Audles!

I would like to join If you’re not full yet

Thanks for your interest. Please send me your invite code!

Down to one spot available!
Let us know if you want to give Audles a shot!

Hi @tini and @exile33, I would like to join if you still have a spot :slight_smile:

Hi @KatiePlays!
Come check us out. Invite sent!
See you on Discord :slight_smile:

Hi there. I’d like to jump on board if possible. I regularly finish top 5 on guild tab events but my guild often fails to make the 40k seals or the final stages of event rewards and I’m getting a little frustrated. I play every day and contribute as much as I can. I’m level 1044.

Hello, I would like to join your guild. I am a returning player of level 1001.
I forgot to say that my invite code is Goras.

Hi Letalis, we would be glad to have you in our guild. Invite sent, welcome to Audles! :slightly_smiling_face:

We have 2 spots available. If you think you fit to our guild, please contact me or @Exile33 here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@tini Hello, I would be interested in joining. I am a returning player level ~500 I used to play long ago before guild wars was even around and have been enjoying it the last week. Looking for an active clan to participate with.
Gold-300-800K (depends on how busy I am)
Seals- MAX
Trophies-300-500 or more depends on schedule
If you have any questions please ask, thank you

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Hi JavierRicardo, invite sent. Welcome to Audles!

Hello! My name is BROWNIE and I am looking to join Audles. I am a returning player and played way back before guild wars was a thing but have recently been getting back too the game. I have been grinding a fair bit with my teams and can max seals weekly, get 100K-300K gold, 100-350 trophies all depending on my schedule (I usually max out PVP tier) but I am usually very active a couple hours a day at least. Invite code-BROADWICK_RAWX

Invite sent! Welcome to Audles.

We have 2 spots available! If you think you fit to our guild, please contact me or @Exile33 here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey all bumping this thread just to let you all know what a nice relaxed place i found here.
I joined this guild about 9 months ago and found a very nice place to call home in this game.

Casual but dedicated like the thread says is a great way to describe this guild.
Here you can enjoy the game do what you wanna do and get a lot of rewards in return :slight_smile:

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Hi there, Im looking for a guild exactly of this description. Im a veteran player, only on a newer account. Im very active, (4000h played on steam since i started playing GoW 1.5 years ago, and on mobile probably another 1-2k hours). In my previous guild on my other account (level 1350) i usually contribute with 1500-8000 trophies a week, 2m gold, and ofc participate in everything. So really im not casual in that sense but Its just that i love playing the game so much, i dont really expect others in the guild to do the same. Im very knowledgeable about the game, social, and like helping others. So if you are interested in a person like me, my invite code is ZODD_WDT8. :slight_smile:

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That sounds great! Invite sent! :slightly_smiling_face: