🛡 Join Audles - We are open for Veterans and active new players! Casual but dedicated [FULL]

We still have 2 spots open.

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Hello Tini,

We are a group of 4 (maybe 5) dedicated gemmers. Currently we play in a guild that, as fun as it may be, simply lacks the ambition to fullfill our needs. 3 of us have all kingdoms at level 10, working on getting more stars and are around hero level 600. The other are working hard on their kingdoms, and are around level 400.

At the moment we are seriously considering finding a new place to call home. Audles surely peaked our interest, and thus I write this post. The requirements are not a problem, and we should be able to easily cover for any lost income amongst ourselves, if needed.

We do not mind to break up for the time being, and have some of us wait for when there are more spots available. Interested to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Other players:
Cadsuane (uncertain)

Hello Ferumbras, thanks for your interest. Atm I can send only one invite, but I let our guildleader know that there are more interests and he will contact you soon. Please telll me the invite code.

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Invite codes are our names in caps (FERUMBRAS for me).

Currently we are at work (yes don’t tell my boss), but I managed to leave my guild using the app on my phone. Obviously can’t do all too much more right now. Happy to have a chat soon and see what we can do for eachother.

Invite send!

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Yup, I’ld be happy to join as well when there is room.

Thank’s @tini !

And thank you, @Ferumbras. Welcome to Audles.
I’ve just made room for @Svaldan and having your other guildmates waiting in the wings will be great for all of us. We reevaluate our Roster every week and there might be another opening as soon as Sunday.

So glad you found our post!

@Svaldan, go ahead and drop your guild and send me your Invite Code.

Whenever theres another spot let me know.

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And I am number 4 who would like to join your guild.

Greetings, Thorbur

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We’ve had a great response to our recruitment but, yes, I keep track of every response and in order of inquiry I’ll get back to you as soon as our Roster changes.

Keep your eyes on your PM’s.
If anything changes, I’ll contact you before I update this post.

Looking to Join. I used to be competitive but just looking to enjoy my time with a decent guild.

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Looking for a member to join us! Great guild, great fun :purple_heart:

That’s right! We’ve got one spot available for the coming week.

If you’re looking for a good balance of casual and competitive, leave us a post!

We still have 1 spot open.

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Can you tell me a little bit more about you? Kingdoms, Level ect.

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Invite sent! Welcome.

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Our newest member unexpectedly dropped the guild today so we have a spot open again.

Audles will be a great fit for someone looking for a fun, reliable group of guildmates to game with.
Please leave us a message if you need a new home!

Haven’t regretted joining Audles for a single minute, this is a lovely bunch of people! Come join us :smiley:

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We still have 1 spot open!!

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invite code OORFIN
LVL 631
gold 200-300K
seals 1500
trophies 300