🛡 Join Audles - We are open for Veterans and active new players! Casual but dedicated [Full]

I am level 1252, invite code PNAST

We offer two open spots in our Team. If you think you fit to our guild, please contact me or @tini here.

Come join a competitive, fun and active bunch of gamers!

We have 2 spots available. Come join us! :smiley:


We had a member have to step away who had been with us just short of two years and still had the previous spot as well.

Come join us for the Tower this week … and bring a friend! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi someone can indicate a Guild for me i came from xbox and dont know the comunity for Cell/PC ?

HI where can I apply to join

@Exile33 I sent you a private message. Let me know if you have it :slight_smile:

Got it! :smiley: Check your pms.

I’d love to join your guild I’m only level 140 but was on PS4 level 1200 at mo in misguided misfits but want pc also

Is this guild still going???

Absolutely. We are full at the moment. :smiley:

Found a new home, thanks.

Pm sent :slight_smile:

This guild should be called The Exiles!

We still have 1 spot open. Come join us! :smiley:

We have 2 spots available! If you think you fit to our guild, please contact me or @tini here.

We have 2 spots open, come join us! :smiley:

Looking for a new guild.
Normally donate
1500 seals.
150 trophies
Guild wars and other events.

Let me know so I can leave current guild.


Invite code PTRAVILL

Welcome to Audles, @ptravill!

That still leaves us with one spot open so if you’re looking for a new guild to call home, leave us a message.

Hello, can i join?

active player
1 064 lvl
donate around 500k minimum
always 1500k seals and participate in all events

invite code WAAARGH_QYMU