⭐️⭐️⭐️ Intrim 3 (ranked 97th) is Recruiting, 1 spot available!- Bracket 4 Guild Wars, completes all guild tasks, 40k seals, and 1-3 LTs every week. Looking for players who can do 150t/150k/1500 seals/30 GW battles weekly - join us today! ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Intrim and Intrim II are each looking for one player.

Both guilds are in bracket 1 of GW, complete all guild tasks, finish many lengendary tasks, and share a Line channel.

Min reqs are 300t/1500s/500k for I2, but we’re looking for someone who can do 500t consistently.

Min reqs are 500t/1500s/500k for Intrim, but we’re looking for someone who can do 900t consistently.

If you are interested, feel welcome to PM me or @Saluki

Happy playing folks,






Thanks for the bump Vangor.

Intrim and Intrim II are now full heading into next week.

Wish everyone a great weekend,



Anytime brudda! Congrats on filling out your rosters😎


Are you still full? Tex just said you all need 3 on global…

Well here is a bump just in case


Intrim is looking for a few players who can join our ranks. We won Guid Wars 4 times, complete 35-40 LTs on a weekly basis, and offer an incredibly friendly and supportive environment across 120 player community now.

We are looking for players who can do 900t or more regularly and are ready to compete at a high level in whatever shape the next version of GW will take.

If you are interested, if you and a friend are perhaps looking for a chance, drop me or @Saluki a Pm here on the forums.

Happy Gemming everyone,



Thanks for the bump! Yes, we have 3 spots.


Bump before bed. We’re still looking for strong player to join our guild. :slight_smile:


We no longer have three spots, but we are still looking to add someone to the mix, especially now that we know Guild Wars is returning next week.

Intrim is one of the most successful guilds in GW to date and one of a very few who make a very decent profit in gems every week, not to mention we are much closer to getting all of the GW troops up to mythic.

Think you can handle Bracket 1 GW every week? Let us know!


Still Looking for 1 more peep. There is more to Intrim than just playing GoW.


hi my 300lvl, you invite me?


@Saluki @Merxian



Hi Rus -

Responded to you in PMs.


We found 2 great players from our original need for 3, but still looking for one more heading into Monday’s GW re-launch.

If you are looking for a change, for the thrill of battling for the GW crown every week, for a super friendly group of players, drop us a line while we still have this opening.



дело ваше,я предложил,а там сами смотрите!


Yeah, what he said!


Still looking for members?
I am level 772 with a 67% win/loss ratio overall, and 8164 power w/o Guild bumps.
In an average week I have been contribute $200-300K, 500-1000 seals, and 100-150 trophies.
All my mamas are over 50%.
Daily GW is no problem.
Let me know what else I can tell you.
My invite code is BOBBY 40.


Thank you for your interest Bobby -

While those are very respectable numbers, our min reqs are 500t/1500s/500k and normally only recruit folks who can do 900t/1500s/1.5mil

I would have offered you a spot in Intrim III where all the players are at your production or slightly above. But I3 is currently full.

If you’d like to have a spot there when one opens up, let us know.



All 4x Intrims are back at full heading into tomorrow.

Good luck with the GW re-launch everyone,