⭐️⭐️⭐️ Intrim 3 (ranked 97th) is Recruiting, 1 spot available!- Bracket 4 Guild Wars, completes all guild tasks, 40k seals, and 1-3 LTs every week. Looking for players who can do 150t/150k/1500 seals/30 GW battles weekly - join us today! ⭐️⭐️⭐️


I would be interested in joining I2 if there are any spaces left. My invite code is IVENGAR. Hitting mins are no problem at all and I will be doing more than on a regular basis. I am fully active in GW and score high each week.


Sounds good! Are you ready for an invite right now?


yes, just left my current guild about 5 min ago.


Ok cool 1 sec youll get an invite


Invite sent.


got it thanks. Is there info for your chat system somewhere? I think i read you use Line??


We do Ivengar, use Line.

Once you installed it, add merxian as a friend and I will invite you to our Intrim guilds chat.

Welcome aboard!


We’re looking for one more for Intrim III and then we will be 30/30.

Guild reached 20k seals in its first week. Finished 5 guild tasks of every color, aiming for 6 next week. We have gotten the bonus seals every day because we’re in GW bracket 141 playing against mostly inactive guilds. So a new playing joining us can count on bonus seals and bonus XP daily for the foreseeable future.

Take the last spot while it is there and join the fun.



That was quick, Intrim III is full for now.

Happy Gemming everyone


Ty. Will add Line tomorrow.


We have added a new member guild to the Intrim Family

Also a good way to see how Guild Statues evolve over time :slight_smile:


Good evening folks -

As @Saluki posted yesterday, our family of guilds has now one more member. We had recently launched a starter guild for brand new players and early game players, with no trophy, gold, or GW requirements outside of being active. The interest has been overwhelming, and we filled up quite quickly with now a waiting list as an entry level guild.

This guild has done amazingly well in its first two weeks, accumulating nearly nearly 10k trophies, reaching the 20k guild seals threshold twice, but most of all, being filled with enthusiastic new players whose newfound love for the game is contagious.

We have added a fourth guild to the Intrim family to bridge the gap between this starter guild on the one hand, and the two top 10 guilds that are Intrim and Intrim II on the other. This guild is a mid tier guild, targeted at active, but casual instead of competitive players.

The min weekly reqs are set at 150 trophies, 150k in gold, and 750 seals per week. GW is optional, most members currently participate in it casually.

This addition to the Intrim group is currently ranked 185th. We are looking for about 10 potential new members to join the Intrim family. This is again an opportunity to share the game experience with an incredibly friendly group of players, who are always there to offer tips, team building ideas, or just support and have fun with one another.

We now have four guilds, each targeted at a different play style or intensity, and we have more movement than ever between those guilds by our members who get to choose what works best for them. So there are opportunities to move, be it for a short time, or permanently, to a different guild if one’s playing increases or decreases over time.

And while there are four guilds in the GoW platform, we have members from all 4 guilds sharing a chat channel and building a community together.

If you are interested in joining our mid tier Intrim guild, reply to this thread, or send a PM to myself or @Saluki


Helping a friend find guild

We got some good players in Intrim III today, still looking for more to join up!


Looking for a few more players who can do 150 trophies/150k gold/750 seals per week to join the Intrim family.

Happy Memorial Day weekend to our Americans friends!


Evening folks -

Intrim III is looking for a single player to join their ranks. The minimum reqs are 150 trophies, 150k gold, and 1000 seals per week. While everyone participates in GW, it is a casual approach, not focused on performance.

They are reaching 40k seals, completing several guild tasks, and of course part of the Intrim family of guilds, so sharing a Line channel with the other Intrims.

Intrim IV is looking for two new players or veteran players looking for a casual experience. There are no trophy or gold minimum weekly requirements, with 750 seals to be earned weekly. They have reached 34-35k guild seals weekly, still complete 6-7 tasks in each color, and are moving fast up the ranks for a guild started a few weeks ago only. GW is also fully optional. Finally, they also share a Line channel with other Intrims for support, team building and friendliness.

We have had 8 members of I4 move to I3 in the last two weeks. Our family of guilds is a perfect place for players whose investment or ambition may change over time and who may look for a more competitive or casual experience a week or few weeks down the road. There has been movement between all four of our guilds in the last two weeks.

If you are interested in the I3 spot or one of the two spots in I4, reply to this thread, PM me or @Saluki, or get in touch with us on Line or Discord.

Happy Gemming everyone,


Hey. I’m interested in joining Intrim IV.

Invite Code: Zeldoon


As more players move up, we are still looking for new ambitious players interested in joining the Intrim IV. Join us today!


The main Intrim guild is looking for one to two new players for this coming Monday after reset. Our weekly mins are 500t/500k/1500 seals/30 GW battles, but we are looking for players who can keep up with our average output of 900t+ on a regular basis.

We have been finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in GW, complete 35-40 LTs every week, sometimes more, and have the most friendly group of players along. We share a Line channel with Intrim II for team building, support, and general camaderie.

If you are interested, PM me or @Saluki or find us on Line or Discord.

Have a lovely day,



Still looking for people for today, especially in Intrim II.

Please let us know if interested.


1 down still a coupe to go

Join Now!