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Inflict status effects to all - other possibilities

GoW now has four Mythic troops with “inflict all” status effects as their final traits - Infernus with Burn, Euryali with Poison, Obsidius with Stun and Mother of Darkness with Bleed. I was thinking which other status effects could be utilized by the same mechanic on a Mythic troop. Disease and Freeze came to mind.
I would love to see a troop with a “disease all on 4 or 5 gem matches”. Fallen Valdis jumped into my thoughts. She would be a perfect candidate to have her third trait changed to this. Even with this trait upgrade, I still believe she needs help with her spell and mana cost but for the sake of this topic, I will only focus on the final trait. I don’t think “disease all” would be too OP whether it was on Valdis or a new troop.
Freeze is a little dicier. I have long lamented how empowered gem converters have, in my humble opinion, negatively impacted the game. “Freeze all” would definitely impact the empowered converter mechanic. Personally, I would like to see it but I know that many of my GoW brethren may not concur. But for the naysayers, I think an argument can be made for how “stun all” from Obsidius can be just as, or more disruptive than “freeze all” would be. I would suggest changing Skadi’s final trait to “freeze all” rather than the Icestorm at the beginning of her turn. Umberwolf triggers a Darkstorm at the beginning of it’s turn and it is only a Legendary troop. Skadi would be a perfect choice for the “freeze all” trait. Another Legendary troop could take the mantle of the Icestorm at the beginning of my turn trait.
Now let’s talk about Silence…
I’m joking of course!


You already have mab for 3rd trait freeze and that’s who skadi summons. If both have the same 3rd trait then it’s kind of a conflict of interests. Besides, skadi icestorm is useful IMO especially on blue day when the boost to troops like taloca is very useful.

Mab’s trait freezes a random enemy on 4 or 5 gem matches. I am referring to a trait that would freeze ALL enemies on a 4 or 5 gem match, akin to Infernus with Burn or Obsidius with Stun.

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I see. My mistake. Either way, one frozen troop is often sufficient to stop goblins and ridiculous loop teams but there’s no reason why such a trait isn’t already in the game. But I don’t see why the troop would need to be mythic and it shouldn’t be skadi who gets changed. A good suggestion for a future troop perhaps.

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I would definitely be on board with using the “freeze all” trait on a new troop. I was only using Skadi as a possibility as she is an underused Mythic troop and the freeze aspect is consistent with her lore.

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Freeze all on a trait is too powerful. We have that on Zuul cast and he is already most expensive troop to get. Putting it on a trait would need to cost 10+ power orbs…?

I can see where “freeze all” may be considered too powerful but, as mentioned above, I contest that “stun all” on Obsidius is arguably more potent. And regarding Zuul, freezing all opponents is only an ancillary aspect of it’s spell along with burning all enemies and generating 12 skulls. Of course it’s primary aspect is slaying an opponent. As such, I am not sure it is a fair comparison.

Lol indeed you are very correct. I just personally consider freeze very powerful.

…so to be back on topic, I think an entangle all would ve really great def troop in the current state of the game.
A curse all would be a neat attack support troop to get through impervious. Give it a lower power ability so its more of taking up a slot as support.

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Not all status effects are equal (ex. freeze and silence). Inflict silence to all enemies on match 4 would be crazy overpowered…

…in of itself. Implementing troops like this would require balancing them in other ways that would be difficult from a design perspective. Does a silence all mythic have a really, really terrible spell to justify that? Would that be enough to balance such a trait? Because you could just toss her in last slot and ignore her except for her trait (see Vash).

Because of that, I don’t think we’ll ever see an inflict all trait for freeze or silence (or other powerful status effect) because Gems doesn’t currently include an effective mechanic to otherwise negatively balance such effects. Troops cannot have passive abilities that are not traits and thus cannot have passive abilities that are negative (which would otherwise be a great way to balance powerful traits and spells). Short of making a silence all trait mythic have 1 life and 1 armor (or something extreme like this), how would you actually balance such a thing?

Here’s a thought exercise: a mythic whose final trait is Empowered. What kind of spell would such a mythic need that would not be overpowered but still make the troop worth using despite lacking a real mythic trait?

Silence all on a 4 match would have to be a 5 color mythic with a crappy spell and absurd mana cost that can only be played in slot 1.

I kind of wish we had a sandbox mode/private server mods/Steam Workshop to try these kinds of things out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.