:gem_skull: IMPERVIOUS BASTERDS. Join the Basterds!

Ok now you can :slight_smile:

I was in other guild, I’ve already letf. You can invite me

hello im lvl 1100+ atm lookin 4 a top 25 active guild . i easily contribute 900+k /wk max seals by wednesday and around 200-500 trophies, still learning the guild wars aspect . 20-25k player atm , should greatly improve over a few weeks . willin to try any tips to boost score . im guildless atm guys , plz save me from MEG …

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Invite Code ACKMARD_SC4V
Level 241
Amount of Seals you do weekly 1500
Amount of Trophies you tend to do every week 500

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Level: 459
Amount of Seals weekly: 1500
Amount of Trophies weekly: 500-1000(depending on what is my main focus that week)

I’m currently in another guild but I’d be willing to leave and join you on Sunday(I want to finish the next raid reward with my current guild first) if you choose to accept me. Large amounts of gold weekly are not an issue.

Bump it up

Bump it up

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Monick, you need to leave your current guild

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hey there. old member would love to come back. is hoop still the leader?


Yes i am :smiley:

Got myself 1211 and another player at over 1100 can both easily complete the requirements

Hi im lvl 239, I think I can hit your requirements. Can I join? DEASEKNUTS_K1NN
Lv 239
150-250 htrophies/week

Hi I’d like to join

Level 1065
Seals 1500
Gold contribution 750
Trophy 300 -400

Invite code is Isildur

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Bump! Looking for one player. See above for the requirements — we’re looking for level 800+ players, though.


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ROADWARRIOR_XEFG level 1262 high level guild experience at top 15

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Still looking for a couple of active and social Players

Do not worry about being in a “family” of guilds that will ask you to change frequently, you join us you stay with us.

From our members we require (minimum):
Active participation in Guild Wars (30 battles a week)
500K+ Gold (on Monday asap after reset)
300+ Trophies
1500 Seals (by Sunday Daily Login Time - 8am gmt+0)
Level 200+

Willing to at least use the free sigils in other guild events

If you want to join, please PM me.

Invite Code
Amount of Seals you do weekly
Amount of Trophies you tend to do every week

Join us here

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