:gem_skull: IMPERVIOUS BASTERDS. Join the Basterds!

Great guild folks. Come joint the fun,

Ok, invite is sent. You should have it now :slight_smile:

Still looking. Come join us…

Hi there

Level 1040

Invite sent

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Still looking. Possibly for more than one person if you can hit our mins. Message me or reply here…

Come on and jump in the water with us. It’s wet and a whole lot of fun. PM Hoop!

I really love being a member of this guild; give us a try and be part of a winning team.

Still looking. Apply here, or message me…

Hi i am interested joining you Guild.

Invite code BABAT
Level 1031
Seals 1500/week
Trophies 300+/week
Gold 800k to 1M/week

I play GW on full color every day

Please let me know if my apply fits your conditions

Invite sent

Bump this up because this is the guild to be in. If you can make the mins please join up.

Looking for a little challenge yet have some great fun? Come join the party in our awesome guild🍿

Still looking for members, message me, or reply here

We still have a few spots open. Let me tell you, this is a great guild; Since joining months ago I’ve taken my game to the next level with the help of all the guild perks and weekly keys. It’s really helped me level up and get great troops.

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Now recruiting. Message me, or reply here…

Hi! my invite is Slash_7
500K gold = OK
300+T = OK
1500 seals every week = OK
Lvl 1120

Invite sent. Still need another, reply here or message me…

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We still have just a few spots open for the right people. Once we get full again we’ll easily break back into the top 20 or even the top 15. Join up while you can and don’t miss the opportunity to play with some of the best players around.

Hey Hoop! Thanks for the invite but when i click on your guild icon, it says ‘‘join on invite only’’ maybe it’s been too long for me to respond. Could you please send it back.