I have some new troop ideas - wanna have a look?


I have some ideas for brand new types of troops for use in the Gems of War game: These are:

  • A troop that makes the entire team immune to all damage and status effects for one turn.
  • A troop that instantly devours an enemy that last killed it with an attack or spell.
  • A troop that changes all skulls and gems of one chosen color to skulls and gems of another chosen color.
  • A troop that casts a ‘double damage’ spell on either allies or enemies. If casted on allies, all allies will inflict double damage. If casted on enemies, all enemies will receive double damage.


Idea 1: Not a good idea as end-game players (and possibly new players) may be crafty enough to where they could endlessly spam it, resulting in teams that are basically immortal. This would complete break the game’s balance, and it would certainly require a nerf.
Idea 2: Sounds almost identical to Wulfgarok
Idea 3: Would pretty much end up being a second Keeper of Souls.
Idea 4: This would be a troop that gives all enemies both faerie fire, and hunters mark at the same time.