How do you get rid of the Nice Work Message!?


I recently completed all the achievements on Xbox.

There is a message titled Nice Work! The content of the message is You’ve unlocked all the achievements in this game. The message was nice. But it does not go away. It covers my medal and the same height of the medals on my screen. It also covers the middle 4 gems in the first row in a battle.

How do you get rid of the message?

sounds like you have the Xbox One Achievement tracker on

press the Guide button, scroll over to Game activity.
You should see Achievements, then your trophy/gs total below it. Press A on that.

That’ll bring up your list of locked achievements (in this case, nothing).

Where it says Achievement tracker, if it says on, press A to turn it off.


That was it!! I typically do not use that feature, but wanted to see the Goeff tracker as I was medaling up the 100 troops.

Thank you so much.