Homebound 2 has flexible requirements and is recruiting! (29/30)

Homebound 2 is is a mix of mid- and late-gamers looking for flexible requirements but who want their guild to get a lot of things done. We have recently revised our weekly requirements to reflect our membership mix.

Most of all, the Homebound family wants people who like to work as a team and to help others (posting team suggestions for events, answering questions for all levels of players, new and vet), and we encourage input into the direction of our guild.

If you are interested, see below for our requirements, and please stop by our Discord (https://discord.gg/5aefHjR) or message me.

  • Rank 214
  • GW bracket 16
  • 40k seals
  • All guild tasks completed
  • Guild events usually completed
  • All guild statues at level 170+


  • Level 400
  • All kingdoms at level 10
  • Base requirements: 200K gold, 1,100 seals
  • Flexible requirement: EITHER 400K gold OR 400 seals, or a mix, above the base. Example totals: 600K/1,100s, 200K/1,500s, 400K/1,300s
  • Guild Wars: 30/30 battles by end of the day Sunday
  • Other guild events: Use free sigils
  • NO trophy requirement

We’re at 29/30; come join us!

Come say hello to us on Discord!