High-level laid-back guild looking for high-level laid-back players [RECRUITING OPEN]


Do you still have openings? My GM stopped playing, so my guild is slowly dying. I’m level 568, but my kingdoms are fully leveled and I can meet your requirements with no problem.


Yep, we do have another opening, and you’re welcome to join. Just give your invite code, or hop on Discord and give it to me there (I’m Fantasm in game and on discord).


Thanks. My invite code is WESTLAKE_HDRW.


Invite sent. Welcome aboard!


For everybody else, we do have one opening still, and may have another one next week as well. So join now before tasks start rolling in Monday…


Bump! We’ve got 2 openings for high-level active players looking to enjoy playing the game in a laid-back drama-free environment…


Hi there - do you still have a spot open?

I’m lvl 887, all kingdoms leveled and a few powered to level 5. I can meet your gold and seal requirements with no problems. I’m not going to be big guns in GW, though, if that’s important. My current guild is pretty much dead and I’m looking for an active, low stress home.

I don’t have discord, but I’m not really opposed to it if it’s necessary.

My invite code is PITYO_XGT1 if you think I’ll fit in.



We had a great run of going a full month being full up, but we now have one opening for a high-level player who desires good rewards from the game without it feeling like a job. Come check us out!


Bumpity-bump! Still have one opening for a high-level and active player who wants to be in a drama-free environment…


Hi, is there still a spot left? I think I should fit your requirements:

  • 1500 seals per week
  • 500,000 gold per week

I’ve done this over the last 8 weeks straight and I would like to join a guild that offers greater rewards.


We have a couple open spots, and are recruiting active high-level players who want that sweet spot combination of high-end guild rewards, but with a casual environment that doesn’t nag you or kick you at the drop of a hat, and just lets you play the game how you want.

Come check us out!