High-level laid-back guild looking for high-level laid-back players [RECRUITING OPEN]


Hi, I am LVL 1058, fairly active, though laid-back. If you still have a spot you want to fill, I would gladly join.


Hi, sounds good! I just sent an invite. Do you have discord? We don’t strictly require it, but that’s where all the good stuff is like team building suggestions for the events, pet notifications, upcoming new troops, etc. So feel free to join our server. If I don’t see you there, I’ll see you in guild chat. Welcome aboard!


We have an unexpected opening and are looking for one more player. Come waste your talent with us today!


Still one opening! If you want to play a game and not perform a job, join within the next few hours before the tasks start rolling in. We usually finish all tasks by Monday, so join now so you don’t miss out…


Bumpity bump! If you’re a high-level player and want a laid-back guild experience with lots of rewards, come join us!


One spot open again! We had a member take an extended break from the game, so we’re looking for one more person who wants to join us in playing a game, and not a job. ;p


Now recruiting for one open spot. Come waste your talent with us today!


We’ve had 2 openings free up this week, so come join us in the next few hours before the tasks start rolling in on Monday. If you’re a high-level active player, but want the freedom to play how you want to, come check us out.


Bumpity-bump! Come waste your talent with us today!


I’d like to join, i can keep up with requirements and have much talent to waste :joy:
Lvl 1140


Ok, invite sent! Do say hello in guild chat. And do you have discord? If so, stop in and say hi.

Welcome aboard!


Wait a minute… how long have I been on this forum and never realized we actually had a recruitment thread for seven months and counting? :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Haha Laz, I guess we’re just full of surprises, huh?

For the rest of you, we still have one opening, and will probably have another one at the end of this week. If you’re a high-level and active player but don’t want to be baby-sat, come check us out!


I’m not sure if I qualify for this guild or not, but I figured I’d give it a try. I’m level 932 and all my kingdoms are levelled, except the new ones in the other relm they just created. I have been looking for a guild that has no trophy requirements because I’m really not fond of pvp. I have no problem with the gold and seal requirements. Let me know if I would be an asset to your guild. My invite code is AMIEE. thanks


We’d love to have you amiee! Unfortunately, the game is telling me that your invite code doesn’t exist. It does this with me occasionally, and is very frustrating.

If you happen to be in-game, can you post something in global, say, on channel 12? I can invite you from there. If you’re not available to open the game right now, then I’ll just keep trying your invite code (AMIEE, right?). You can also pop into our discord and we can coordinate a time to grab you from a global chat message.


I do have access to the game. I’m not very good with discord. Is there a link you can send me for that? I also am not sure how to switch channels on global chat. I’ve been playing for 2 years and I thought I was pretty game savy. Guess there are still things I don’t know. Sorry for my ignorance, I was with the same guild for most of the 2 years I played. I’m not sure why my invite code isn’t working. This is the first time that’s happened. I just left a guild today, maybe that has something to do with it


I got to channel 12. Figured it out. I just put your name and mine. Hope that’s good enough


We have openings again! One person retired from the game (for now), while another wanted to try their hand at a top-10 guild (not our bag). So come join us now to be part of an active high-level guild that allows you to play the game without it feeling like a job.


Level 871 invite code VIRTU0SO_GUSL


Invite sent! Say hi in guild chat, and if you have Discord, stop by our server! We don’t strictly require Discord, but that’s where all the good stuff is. Welcome aboard!