High-level laid-back guild looking for high-level laid-back players [RECRUITING OPEN]


Just 3 more hours to grab our last open spot before the tasks start rolling in on Monday!


I would like to join your Guild if you still have a spot. Got kicked yesterday for no reason and looking for a new one.

Lvl 1125 and requirements are not a problem.

Would love to hear from you before the new tasks start. :wink:



Sure thing, invite just sent! Are you able to join us in Discord? If not, join me in guild chat and I’ll give the quick intro spiel (nothing real major). Welcome aboard!


We have a member retiring from the game, and now have an open spot for any high-level players that like playing the game but don’t want it to feel like a job. Come join us!


Are you still looking for a high level person? I am rank 1139 and have been in my group of guild tiers since I started playing again 6 months ago. If still recruiting I would like to chat. The guild I am in is great and so are the people but right now I am in the vacation guild as the game was getting to feel like a job (your description matches me). Thanks,


Yep, we are! If you’re good with the req’s in the original post, you’re welcome to join! Just shoot me your invite code and I’ll send an invite your way.


Thanks for the response is it possible to wait until Sunday - I wouldn’t want to leave the guild in a lurch for Guild War week - but I have no problems meeting the requirements - right now I think I am at over 2 mil in and complete all tasks. I also use discord if it is okay I can stay parked on your server and then send it over on Sunday. If not please keep me in mind if you start recruiting again. I am a daily player. I am not a guild jumper and yours sounds exactly what I am looking for “fun” again and not pressurized.


That’s not a problem at all, we can get you in on Sunday. We have an open Discord server, so non-members are welcome to hang out. Hop on in whenever you’d like…


Sounds Good. Thanks so much…


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Hi - no not scared away - I was testing - I will pop back in later this evening - for some reason my discord isn’t allowing me to change my user name - says to try back later - I am excited about joining you all - sounds laid back and will make the game “fun” again. Thanks.


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Still recruiting?


Actually, yes, it so happens we have one more opening as of today. Shoot me your invite code, or join up on discord and we’ll handle things there if you’re still looking to join.


I am in the guild now, but let me know if a free slot is available. I’m 1000+ lvl, and all kingdoms are of max lvl.


We had somebody leave today to try their hand in a top-10 guild, which isn’t really our bag, so good luck to them! That means we have 1 opening for somebody who wants to enjoy playing this game and get good rewards without it feeling like a job.


We have one spot to fill! Any takers? Come waste your talent with us!


Still have one spot open for a higher-level player who enjoys playing the game and getting good rewards, without feeling like a job you have to deliver to all the time…

All our tasks were completed on Monday, but we’re well into Legendary tasks now, so come in and join the fun!


Lyl 1039, about 1 mil gold a week, 1500 seals by Wed., 100 to 300 trophies a week.


Bumpity bump! Still one spot left, come waste your talent with us!


12 hours to get in before the tasks start rolling in on Monday. PM me or join our discord if you’d like to join a guild where you can play a game and not perform a job…


We’ve had a spot open up and are looking for one more person before reset! Come join us before the tasks start completing on Monday.