Have a life but still want to play on a good level? Join Drums of Krynn. 😃 Rank 151, GW bracket 5 [30/30]


Did y’all see this?!? C’mon! What are you waiting for?!? :smiley:


Bump. :sunny:


I sent you guys a message. Hope to hear from you😀


We’ve got one spot that will open this weekend, come and get it while it’s hot. :sunny:


This is a really, really, really great guild, y’all. C’mon!!


Listen to @kevin-1 people, he knows what he’s talking about! :wink:


ARIELLE_DHG5 active player lv 234


We have one spot open, come play the game with us! :grin:

Contact us here via @SpaceOddity or @kevin-1 or on Discord SpaceOddity#0934 or kevin-#0075 if you’re interested.


We really are killing it these days. :smiley:

We just hit 150 in the league standings. We’ve been getting LTs weekly without pushing for them (and not raising our reqs to get them).

We have members from level 400 to over 1200 ---- If you play, you’ll succeed here.

What are you waiting for?!?!


^ Listen to that guy, peeps, he’s making sense! :sunglasses: