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Guild Wars - FAQ

Updated with new info on the intended workings of War seals. Also moved it to it’s own question within rewards.

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Sorry if i repeat but i didin’t see answer anywhere

For the color bonus, can you put 4x same troop or you need 4 different troop to get max color bonus?

Second last question under offense. Check there for the Dev comment screenshot.

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Updated Seals question with latest information.

What Happens If My Guild Decides to Skip a Week?

The next time you register for a guild war, it will use your progress from your previous guild war to calculate your position in the next one. So if you did well, that will be applied to your next Guild War, whether it’s next week or next year.

We wanted to give guilds the option to join in Guild Wars when they want to join in guild wars. So if your guild only wants to join in 1 week a month you can. You only miss out on potential rewards from a guild war (which include the Guild Wars Troop).

When the next batch of Guild War Troops arrives (not for a couple of months), then the current lot will retire to Guild Chests and can be collected like Guild Guardians (they won’t replace guild guardian though).


How does advancement or relegation work? Right now my guild is #2 in our bracket, but we’d be #3 in the next bracket up. Do we advance this week and settle in at #4(ish) in the new bracket, or do we hang out here for another week and hope we get #1 next week?

Unknown at this time, however:

This would suggest even at #2 you could still move up, depending on how the guilds in the higher bracket do. If you do VERY well and the higher guilds do crap, you could even move up more than one bracket.

Updated a few new bits of info. Will be adding a bit more about weekly rewards either this evening or tomorrow.

Notable additions:

  • Colour order varies between weeks.
  • You can move up multiple brackets at once, and you don’t need to be 1st place in your bracket to do so.
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Mean Machine jumped from bracket 3 to bracket 1. We were 7th in global points.

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Thanks. I’m curious as to what defines it exactly, as it’s not entirely on global ranks, as we ranked 52, but we’re in bracket 4 this week. (up from bracket 6)

Seems to me like points earned last week aplied to global :slight_smile:

How do you mean? Since we only have 1 week total so far, wouldn’t last week points be the same as global?

Mean Machine did 982k points. With that we would be ranked 7th in bracket 1. No guilds in brackets 2, 3 or 4 had that many points so we would end up on rank 7th globaly.

oh right yes, I agree, but by that same logic we should have been in bracket 6 still since we were global rank 52. But we’re in bracket 4. So it seems there is more than just pure points to it.

Presumably you were second place in bracket 6? Our guild jumped five brackets, from 17 to 12, but our final rank was 162 – we were 2nd in bracket 17 at the end of festivities earlier today.

Yup we were 2nd. What made you assume second? (Just curious since you were correct :P) Nvm I misunderstood the Ranking number

Maybe there is a “bonus” for first/second/third in a bracket in terms of weighting and moving up?

Weren’t the guild ranks(paragon, herald…) supposed to be defined by last weeks performance of the players? Because something doesn’t add up here.

Are you one of the guilds affected by this bug @Gouki?


See that’s why i look for a thread that has @Ozball recently active when i have a stupid question. Thanks :slight_smile: