Guild Wars Change Suggestions

You want changes to Guild Wars? Well, here is the place to post them!

I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread and making an internal list based on what you post, so this is the time to give us feedback and suggestions. :slight_smile:


Hmm. Going to have to think about this.

Please limit the number of times a specific troop can be used in a GW defense team per week.
I offer this as an ill thought idea to limit the constant meta teams that we face and force some originality to the defense teams. If you can only use “Famine | Kerberos | Forest Guardian | Psion” 1 time per week in a defense team this will limit the meta team misery and invite people to create new and interesting teams that will actually make Guild Wars fun again!

The real issue with this is that it will also make GW defense team creation a big time pain in the butt as you scramble to find your best defense teams when all your favorite OP troops are used up…


I got a flight tomorrow so this will give me quite a bit of time to put my thoughts down on paper.

Consider changing the topic’s title. It sounds like you’re announcing changes, not asking for feedback. Maybe “Guild Wars Change Suggestions” will work or something similar.


Biggest problem is that I face Psion Famine and other grief teams and that is it. I think the very best solution to this is:

  • Devs pick the daily defense teams, so that everyone faces the same exact teams so the playing field is fair.
  • Devs would pick defense teams based on the weekly event, so each week would play differently.

I refuse to put a grief team and try to find something creative and different, and then I go to battle and it’s 3 Psion Famine teams and 2 Beast teams…boring.


personally, i’d love to see a “complete all” button for the sentinels. takes a long time to get them all to lvl 5. click and wait. click and wait. also, i’d love to see a separate win/loss log for guild wars instead of having to use the pvp battle log.


Just wanted to pipe up and note that I’ve been overall very happy with Guild Wars. My favorite things about it are the daily play challenges and the way it interacts with events to make a wider variety of teams offensively viable. I also like that it makes for a few higher stakes battles with a possible perfect score a really satisfying challenge, and that being in a diverse leveled guild meant lots of fun helping players with less complete decks find ways to win. I like the weekly tempo.


Limit the number of times you can use a specific troop in your defense. Give a “buff” to a specific color each day, but only for defense. Give points for defense wins if using that days color. Not sure how possible any of these ideas would be to implement, but it may help eliminate the over use of certain combos.


complete all button…Awesome idea

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another good idea

Another couple ideas:

Remove all kingdom and guild bonus for guild wars fights as well as remove combo breaker and cascade breaker, make it a true RNG based tactical battle for you against the AI. This will also level the playing field for more advanced guilds so that some young upstart can take them to task unless they play well also. Sentinels should be the only thing that should affect how powerful your invade team is.

Allow for one click completion of sentinels or a slider to complete them to a certain point.

A log to see your guild wars defenses and how your team did.


+1 along with limiting the amount of times a troop can be used

  1. Only count the top 25 scores for the week. This will allow guilds a little flexibility with players that can’t play every day sometimes.

  2. Limit defense teams to no duplicate cards.

  3. Sentinels need to either be cheaper OR rewards need to be higher. You have to be in bracket 1 to have a chance at breaking even. You could also let sentinels be payed for with all glory/gold/souls instead of gems for rank 3 and on.

  4. Each battle should count individually instead of progressively. With the programed “bad luck” and randomness of AI 15+ cascades, an unlucky battle 1 means you can’t come back.

  5. The paragon battle should be three player troops and one boss that the developers choose for the week. All paragons would have to come up with a way to strengthen the weekly boss card.

  6. Whatever is making PC guild wars defense get extra stats has to be fixed.

  7. Sunday should be the rest day, not Monday.


Guild Wars to have its own set of battle logs, as mentioned above.


Agree with these three wholeheartedly.


I personally LIKE this. Too many times I’ve heard complaints of “I Faced this team for 3 separate fights!” and it disheartens people. I don’t know about once per week, but maybe make it so that it Has to be like 2-3 different teams a week. Now, how to stop people from using 2-3 slots to make the same team, I don’t know… But I am hoping the devs can figure it out. :slight_smile:

Defense has to meet color requirements just offense does.