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⭐ Guild of Gra. PS4 rank 3 / GW bracket 1 recruiting. All Epic tasks completed by us

IHi im currently a level 48 fairly new but i play everyday so wont be for much longer and my friend is about level 105 we have our guild at the moment but nobody wants to join haha
We would happily join a guild with active players hope to join somebody soon

Hi, would be happy to welcome you into our guild, we have plenty of active players. Just sent you an invite.

@LadyDynamite1, Hi, sorry to hear you haven’t had much luck with your guild, but you are welcome to join ours, if you post your invite codes I will send an invite.

Do you have two spaces ?

@LadyDynamite1, Yup :slight_smile:

Great i love to join im not on the ps4 at the moment but will be in an hour i need to leave my guild before you can invite me my invite code is LADYD_Y25Q

@LadyDynamite1, slight problem… it is not recognising that invite code

Il have a look i might have got the code wrong sorry il get back to you soon

My psn is Lady-Dynamite-x you can message me on there if that’s easier

@LadyDynamite1, err, that PSN is not recognised

These are the invite code for us two



Sorry about get the codes wrong iv got them and the psn id right this time

No problem, I sent an invite code to you, but the second one was not accepted. I will upgrade you when you join the guild so you can send an invite to your friend, might be quicker/easier that way. :slight_smile:

I didnt recieve an invite. How long does it usually take?

Ok thank you for accepting me

I haven’t got an invite yet iv just left my guild

@Shade667, not sure tbh, but just sent another one just in case the first got lost along the way

Iv just restarted the game to see if it shows up

Iv got the invite now will you promote me so i can invit my friend