⚠ ☞Guild Mean Machine(rank 30, bracket 5) is recruiting 🌟 looking for 2 more members ⚠


Ignore the BS! This is a great guild to join and I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to grow, compete in the big leagues and easily get all tasks and multiple LTs done every week. I say this as a former guild member who left to take a step down. There’s also tons of friendly help available in discord, not to mention loads of good humoured chat.

A+++ would join guild again


Bump for one person!


Still need one person before GW starts for the week.


Looks like we have two spots open as of the moment.
Anybody who wants to join a great guild competing in the top 2 brackets, this is your opportunity!

Please post your pertinent info below.


Hi @seabreath I just want to ensure you understand that the requirements are slightly higher then what you state you normally get.

200 trophies
1500 seals
400,000 gold to guild.
Sentinels to 2/2/2/2 (no gems spent)
All 30 GW battles done (hopefully on the day offerered).

Is that ok?


Looking for two members. We are a helpful, friendly guild in bracket 3/4, previously we were always in bracket 1/2 but attrition of end game players due to Dev’s recent track record caused a number of vets to quit game (same as all top level guilds).


Want to join a top guild? Lucky for you, your search is over. Join today, enjoy tomorrow!

Best regards to all the cool people in the guild o/


Asha spots a wild @DonBoba and waves


Im interested, 540 lvl veteran here, invite code: Sakre


I tried to invite but you are still in your guild. You need to leave your guild so I can invite you.


You can try again, I left guild


Invite sent, welcome to MM!


Still need one more person!


rules on this forum… ugh… bump for 1 more person


Who is going to be the last lucky person to join MM? You? You sure? You better let us know soon as this spot won’t last forever…:slight_smile:


Level: 350
Kingdoms: All 10
Requirments are no issue at all.

Invite: VOID_17


I am sorry @Void we are all full up as of an hour ago…:frowning: I hope you find another home tonight.


Waves back, as he goes back into the dark


if youre looking for someone im lvl 600+ invite code carnrikejesse. minimums will be a cinch


Am sorry TK, we are full again.