GoW: ToDo Monitor

Any chance of getting a new link for 2.2d ? the link has expired due to inactivity.


Poking @turintuor.

I got carried away. Maybe I can’t see the wood for the trees. A-hem…

Here’s the line:

    <Event Kingdom="ForestOfThorns" Type="Fey"/>

Sorry I was busy lastly ;-).

New version:

If you want to use your old configGoW.xml:
I just did some modifications to take into account multiple types for the Event (note the ‘1’):

    <Event Kingdom1="ForestOfThorns" Type1="Fey"/> 
or something like that:
    <Event Type1="Mysthic" Type2="Fey"/>

And also this line has changed (widthReduceSize: magial number in case if the troop card is too big compared to the table cell, default: 45):

    <TableTroopParam width="600" nbColumn="2" widthReduceSize="45" />
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I guess i’m too young for Monkey Island. No nostalgia at all. I’ve to check it out later.

    <Event Kingdom1="Blackhawk" Type1="Rogue"/> 

It’s time to announce that you can see spoilers by adding <Spoiler /> in the configGoW.xml file.


I haven’t goat time for stupid puns this time. Maybe next time.

    <Event Kingdom1="PansVale" Type1="Wildfolk"/>

Then i pulled out my nix and waved it at them. It is the new york nix. Okay who made this bundle of nix

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Building a Sentry Bot.

And just saying: I’m a huge fan of electricity. Tesla is definitely wanted…

    <Event Kingdom1="Adana" Type1="Mech"/>
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Just a line for the bonus of Suncrest:
add in the configGoW.xml


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Just checking this out, didn’t want to manually add all my junk. Not sure if it’s been posted before or anything, but I just downloaded my collection csv from ashtender, opened up in excel and made a formula to just copy and paste them into the config xml.

If you wanna use 'em either modify them to point right in excel, or download your csv, delete columns C, D, F, I, and J.

Paste this in cell K2:

=IF(C2>0,"<Troop name="""&B2&""""&IF(C2 = 6, " rarity='Mythic'", IF(C2 = 5, " rarity='Legendary'", IF(C2 = 4, " rarity='Epic'", IF(C2 = 3, " rarity='UltraRare'", IF(C2 = 2, " rarity='Rare'", IF(C2 = 1, " rarity='Common'"))))))&" level='"&D2&"' trait='"&E2&"' todoTrail='0'/>","<Troop name=' Hero: "&LOWER(B2)&"' rarity='Mythic' level='"&D2&"' trait='"&E2&"' todoTrait='0'/>")

Grab the little square in the corner and pull it to the end of your troops, then copy and paste all the rows into the XML to replace the older ones.

Paste this in L2:

="<AvailableRune v0='"&I2&"' v1='"&I3&"' v2='"&I4&"' v3='"&I5&"' v4='"&I6&"' v5='"&I7&"' v6='"&I8&"' v7='"&I9&"' v8='"&I10&"' v9='"&I11&"' v10='"&I12&"' v11='"&I13&"' v12='"&I14&"' v13='"&I15&"' v14='"&I16&"' v15='"&I17&"' v16='"&I18&"' v17='"&I19&"' v18='"&I20&"' v19='"&I21&"' v20='"&I22&"' v21='"&I23&"' v22='"&I24&"' v23='"&I25&"' v24='"&I26&"' v25='"&I27&"' v26='"&I28&"' v27='"&I29&"' v28='"&I30&"' v29='"&I31&"' v30='"&I32&"' v31='"&I33&"' v32='"&I34&"' v33='"&I35&"' v34='"&I36&"' v35='"&I37&"' v36='"&I38&"' v37='"&I39&"' v38='"&I40&"' v39='"&I41&"'/>"

And copy the result over the runes row. Up-to-date in just a few minutes. :slight_smile:


Scorpions are my favorite type of animal out there.

    <Event Kingdom1="Khetar" Type1="Monster"/>

It’s time to revive myself :smiley:

    <Event Kingdom1="SwordsEdge" Type1="Knight"/>

I prefer the Blizzard Buzzard, but a lizard is also okay :stuck_out_tongue:

    <Event Kingdom1="GlacialPeaks" Type1="Beast"/>

EDIT: From now on I’ll also note here the weekly snot event. It’ll look like this: “Weekly Target: Beasts in PVP”


Hooray for Chess! and Praise the Sun!

    <Event Kingdom1="Whitehelm" Type1="Divine"/>

Weekly Target: Divines in PVP

    <Event Kingdom1="Pridelands" Type1="Raksha"/>

Weekly Target: Rakshas in Explore/PVP


Just to show the visual design of this great software

Nice & Handy :wink:

    <Event Kingdom1="Ghulvania" Type1="Mystic"/>

Weekly Target: Ghulvania Troops in any game mode.

    <Event Kingdom1="DriftingSands" Type1="Giant"/>

Weekly Target: Giant Troops in PVP

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When I think about Double Trouble, then Ornstein and Smough from Dark Souls come to mind…

    <Event Kingdom1="DivinionFields" Type1="Centaur"/>

Weekly Target: Win any PVP matches (both Casual and Ranked).