GoW Team Build Compendium


EDIT: @MakoSipper and @Ozball PvP teams added to OP


fast paced EXPLORE team, aimed for traitstone farming but with soul gain too (hard difficulty suggested)

The Dragon Soul
Aziris (fully traited)
Aziris (fully traited)

+abysmal banner

total color bonus: +4 purple +1 red -1 yellow
necromancy: +100%

priority: you fill DS possibly with purples then reds, otherwise behemoth, casting DS as a priority otherwise behemoth

2 necromancy traits make even single ds cast grant a lot of souls so even if you dont cap souls its worth to just kill with behemoth and move on to next explore match,

games usually end after 2-3 casts and you fill ds usually after two 3-gem matches so it really goes fast :slight_smile:

edit/ possible team modification:

replace Behemoth >> Giant Spider (traited link)
(little slower game but more stable souls and safer board control)

replace first Aziris >> Pharus-Rah ***
(a little slower game but a tone more souls)

Event "A Dwarven Record" explore teams

Hi Annaerith, I’m sorry but I have to say that I don’t get behemoth in this team! Giant spider is a much better fit. It gives you an extra magic link so you get 8 purple basic for a 3 match, and after you’ve cast TDS the spider can instantly refill TDS for another blast without losing a turn


EDIT- @Annaerith Fast explore team added to OP

That one looks fun, I think I will try it out! Though I might take @Dddd suggestion and throw up a Giant Spider for fast refill of TDS! More souls never hurt anybody! :wink:


Dear @Dddd,
i prefer behemoth as then i dont need to wonder when and which gem to transmute, also behemoth deals noticably higher damage so the whole fight is faster - more traitstones.

also with this new mythic i replaced first aziris with pharus-rah. gonna edit that entry with both modification suggestions

@Dddd 's suggestion and the pharus-rah one :slight_smile:


My offensive PvP team that I have been playing for a few months now. Getting bored with it but having trouble finding anything faster and reliable.

Queen Mab

All fully traited

This team can normally destroy any team in about 4 casts of Behemoth and/or Queen Mab. There is a definite chance for first turn kills though more often it will be turn 2-4 when it finishes off the opponent. The trickiest part is getting use to Soothsayer. He is almost always cast first turn after all 4+ matches are taken. Cast him to create a 4 match, or take as much red and yellow as possible, ideally casting him would create a 3 match of red or yellow. He is important for correcting bad boards and provides the most consistency in ensuring fast games. Tried modifying team with Mercy instead but found her to be less consistent.

Queen Mab should never be cast unless you have 13 Blues+ or it is the killing blow. Behemoth often does majority of the damage getting through impervious troops while being a great tank. It is often best to leave skulls for your opponent as Soothsayer is sacrificial after his first cast and Behemoth can often tank further skull hits thanks to his third trait. With Valkyrie removing colours from the board, you will be surprised with the number of extra turn cascades you will get from Soothsayer and Behemoth. Always cast Behemoth when he is full unless Queen Mab can be cast for an extra turn.

One final thing of note, work on getting all magic kingdoms to level 10 and 5 starred as this is what turns Behemoth into an unstoppable killing machine.


EDIT: @Illithid team added to OP list


It seems like the list is missing earlier game builds. Almost all of the teams have one or more legendaries in them.


@Studs I was considering adding an early team build section, if we felt there was a need.

If you or anybody has an EARLY BUILD (no legendaries but viable for all purpose abuse in early game) then label it as such and I will add an EARLY GAME section to the OP.

My knowledge of early game builds is not great because I lucked into KoS very early and beat that pony like a dead horse… :wink:


There is always the traditional:

Ol’ Faithful

Red/Blue Banner i think?

Been a while since I used the team though.

EDIT: Not sure it really needs Treant’s traits, but they certainly help.


I love this team and am using it now and for the past 6 or so months. I use the +2 red banner to fill up Alchemist because once he’s full, he can pretty much start the chain to fill everyone else (usually, if the board cooperates). The Stoneskin trait for Treant is definitely useful.


EDIT- I added a link to a thread devoted to speed PvP teams.
EDIT- I have added a BEGINNER BUILD Section to the OP and @Ozball’s Ol’ Faithful has been added.

A note about posting a Beginner Build team, please follow the format, include your play instructions, but also make sure that your build does not include a Legendary. You may include a note about which Legendary would work well in place of X troop, but I want the teams in this Beginner Section to be completely attainable in early game and realistically accessible for new players.

Thank you! :wink:


Noble Sacrifice Engine

Sacrifice has been sitting out there as a guardian that sees little use. With the appearance of Princes Elspeth, empowered, we have a way to make Sacrifice quick, and gain a lot of Magic.

This engine is aimed at quick explores on Normal mode. The team can stall out, but it is designed gambit for very fast (Turn 1 or 2) explore mode kills.

Sacrifice (or Non-Purple AOE troop)
Hero (AOE Purple Weapon/Troop or Sacrifice if AOE troop in first slot. )
Princes Elspeth*** (Must have all 3 traits.)

The team I use, for which I will explain the strategy is:
Sacrifice ***
Hero (Sorcerer) w/ Sun and Moon *** (Magic Link)
Sacrifice ***
Princes Elspeth

Ideal flow is:
Step 1: Use Elspeth on the Sacrifice in the 3rd slot, summons random knight. (If Sacrifice has 3rd trait, gain 4 attack + magic as both Virtue of Sacrifice Traits fire.)

2: Cast Sacrifice killing Princess Elspeth (Select Yellow, goal is to power sun and moon. Or select secondary color for your AOE weapon/Troop.) Gain Magic to all other allies, as well as Virtue of Sacrifice trigger.

2A: If Sacrifice charged cast again killing Knight summoned by Elspeth. Same affects as step 2.
3. Cast Hero or troop. (Often for 40+ damage to all.

I hope this team gives you another creative use for Princess Elspeth.


So, it’s been a while since this thread has seen a bump… so… BUMP!

We have a lot of new faces around the forums AND a lot of new troops added lately so it seemed appropriate.

If you have a great team that is not listed already, share it! Don’t forget to follow the format in the OP, full team details, banner, and play strategy, so that anybody can build and test your best creations!!

Thanks in advance for your Contributions to the Compendium!!



absolutely. I really need quick update to soul/gold/wings farming teams as bombot team was sounded great till i found out most traits from support cards is bonus to heal insteads of armor.


Here’s a fun skull damage team for Sekhma:

Gorgotha (3 traits)
Giant Spider (2 traits)
Sekhma (no traits required but 3rd trait is always good)
Infernal King (no traits required)

Banner is up to you but I use Lion banner to help fill Gorgotha and GS.

How to play: fill Gorgotha or spider first depending on the starting board. Spider is usually quicker. If Gorgotha fills, cast him to fill the spider. Spider should fill Sekhma and/or IK, at which point the two can usually loop pretty well to create huge skull damage, plus targeted and split damage. Gorgotha can reset the board of you get stuck.

Weaknesses: frozen will stop you on your tracks until Gorgotha cleanses himself. Stone skin and gorgotha or stone hammer can be a pain but with Sekhma’s spell you can target them to significantly speed things up.


New explore teams:

Current favorite:

Queen of Thorns (Woodland Banner)

Elspeth ***
Aurai ***
Deathknight *** (Green weapon)

Start by casting Elspeth on DK. That should generate green mana for Rowanne and DM all enemies (that aren’t immune to it). From there, you have a few options… If Rowanne is ready to cast and able to kill everyone, don’t think twice–do it. If not, either match green to make her ready, or try to eat away at the enemies total life/armor… You can do that by matching skulls, casting Aurai’s spell if possible, or hoping DM takes an enemy out.
If you fill Elspeth again, you can safely cast Rowanne’s spell even if she won’t take everyone out, and then use Elspeth to sacrifice Aurai for more green gems.
So, your matching priority should be green > blue / yellow (and skulls, depending on the situation)

My previous explore team:

Explodation Team (Kraken Banner)

Elspeth ***
Settite Warrior
Troglodyte ***

Similar to the other team. Start by casting Elspeth’s spell to sacrifice Troglodyte and generate browns for Bombot. Usually, Bombot takes out most troops. Use Settite Warrior to finish them off, or match skulls if that’s enough.
Matching priority: brown > green
Note: For me, Bombot rarely kills all troops with a single cast. There’s always at least one buffed troop that will survive, not to mention those annoying troops with Life Drain trait. On the other hand, some troops take way more damage than needed. It was based on that that I decided to replace a troop that deal damage to all enemies for a troop that deals split damage.


I have seen the posts. Update forthcoming when time permits.

Thanks for sharing everybody!! :grin:


Just posting my “Brainsless” all around team.

All around because it has a great (not perfect) win rate in PVP, Explo, farm, etc… in fact, with Dragon soul and Skullbeard, you also rack decent money and souls.

Brainless because it’s an exploder, so even if it’s not as fast as other teams, you can basically just press spell and not think. Not even look for matches . Just press any explosions that are ready. Perfect for Netflix-binge playing.

Captain Skullbeard
The Dragon Soul
Siren (can be anything you like)
Undead Banner

So basically, you have 3 cheap cost exploders with different mana. So, once it starts… there is always one guy filled and ready to blow.

I use Siren last to kickstart it. You could bring anything really.

Order of casting is always TDS first, then Skullbeard, then Gorg.


Nice - I’ve been using skull beard a bit more lately since a Guild mate had some nice GW builds with him for blue and green days.

My brainless exploder team is:

Dragon Soul
Pharos Ra

Explosions plus big spike damage. Yes please!