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What part of the country are you in and what does your Dad do? Secondly there are many programs for those that are laid off. I can connect your Dad to some great people who can help.


Thank you.

My dad went to college for very precise thing. He worked at Siemens writing code and working on air conditioners. He applied for 30 jobs today.

Gorgotha, TDS, Behemoth, Mercy. All fully traited

What that team do enough damage?

I usually pair TDS with Gorgotha. You can put almost any nuker, either AoE or heavy single nuke, behind those two. Once either Gorgotha or TDS filled, you can start rolling that deck. Both can fill each other and whole team almost every turn. As for banner, I usually use Abyssal Banner (+2 purple +1 red -1 yellow) for every deck with TDS.

Here’s some of my Gorgotha-TDS deck:


Shadow Hunter/Behemoth
Blade Dancer/Rowanne

Shadow Hunter/Venbarak/Krystenax


I use the Golgotha,TDS,Kraken,Death team Zoo suggested, and it’s a blast to play with. I also have rarely lost a battle with it because it mana blocks the enemy team so much.


why do you want a non-dragon team with TDS in? it makes no sense, do you want to use him only as a secondary mana charger not actually main attacker? that way you might miss most of the fun :scream:

if you just got your “first” TDS maybe try a regular dragon team with him? :wink:

console: Sylva DS shandow_dragon(or banshee) venbarak
pc/mobile: Kryste Sylva DS shadow_dragon(or venbarak)

  • abysmal banner

I agree. If you want a TDS AOE team, then use other AOE dragons. Sylvanimora and Venbarak are good choices. Zookeeper’s suggestions make a lot of sense also, but with that, you’re using TDS primarily as an exploder and not an AOE troop. When you take away the bonus dragon damage for TDS, exploder is a more appropriate role.

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Celestasia or Borealis on the front of Sylvanimora / TDS / Venbarak…uber.

And if you can put Humility at the top instead…:yum:

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The problem is I don’t have ANY AoE dragons :confused:


Ah, gotcha. I love TDS and will use him primarily as an exploder. I find that once he gets going, he can usually recharge his own mana with every cast. I use Sylvanimora as a back-up, but my wife uses an all-dragon team with Celestasia, Dragotaur, TDS and Emperina. In that line-up, TDS is there for AOE and to fill mana, Celestasia is there as a meat-shield, Dragotaur can buff attack and armor and Emperina can cleanse and refill life. Once TDS casts, you’re doing 20 damage to everyone, filling everyone’s mana and Emperina and Dragotaur can really boost Celestasia’s attack so that any occasional skull matches are devastating. Multiple AOE troops aren’t really needed, since TDS can cast repeatedly.

Using TDS as an AOE troop with non-dragons really diminishes its effectiveness as you’re now doing 11 damage instead of 20. If you’re going just for AOE, there are better options out there.

Lady Ironbeard, with the +50% currently, is a great nuker to add in.

Gorgotha***/TDS***/Hero(Spider Totem)/Sir Snothelm***

This is a unique variant that works very well, fill either TDS or Gorgotha, explode, fill Hero AND Sir Snot.
Cast Sir Snot on enemy you want to assassinate, web, entangle, and gain extra turn, then fire Hero’s Spider Totem on the now webbed opponent, gaining an extra turn, fire off whichever exploder is full. Rinse repeat. Win. :wink:

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Yes I’m amazed every time I play against dragon soul on Console. Not only does he refill himself but his 3friends also. Not bad considering he explodes a lot less gems then Gorgotha.

That’s partially due to the diminishing returns you get with more exploded Gems. Just for fun, I just wrote a simulator that simulates explodes of 1 to 30 gems on an 8x8 board, across a million trials for each number of explosions, and calculates the average number of destroyed gems per explosion.

Exploded           Destroyed
========           =========
      1             7.561303
      2            14.183169
      3            19.996500
      4            25.084244
      5            29.561680
      6            33.479082
      7            36.946478
      8            39.984386
      9            42.666210
     10            45.026604
     11            47.112513
     12            48.946650
     13            50.571160
     14            52.014138
     15            53.282962
     16            54.417065
     17            55.425743
     18            56.309690
     19            57.102063
     20            57.810127
     21            58.438365
     22            58.998906
     23            59.499533
     24            59.942867
     25            60.343145
     26            60.699484
     27            61.016209
     28            61.299726
     29            61.558639
     30            61.791511



Part of the reason you need those extra gems to explode is famine reducing your magic every so often.


I hope this does not come as a surprise.