Gems of War Competition (Win a Custom PS4!)

Post it! Once we get to the final 10 the participants will need to sign an affidavit.


@Saltypatra thanks its almost ready😎

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I’d like to enter @beanie42

For his new Troop design. (click the word image to view)


Following this, if anyone wants to use the mockup creator to visualise or demonstrate their visual troop ideas or troop art they’re welcome to use it. All the art work in the creator is from in-game anyways, so it’s not like I actually hold any rights to it :stuck_out_tongue:


I am entering a short story for Gems of War.

This is a story about an actual Gems of War player finding himself trapped in the world of Krystara.
I had to borrow @Sirrian’s name in the story. Wonder if that’s ok?

So far I have chapter 1 finished. I will be updating new chapters if I have time.
As thing stands, I am planning five or six chapters, culminating with the confrontation of Sheggra.
Hopefully I can finish this in time. No promises.


The Ice Flow
By Vangor

One may say the world is cold
But if i may be so bold
I would like to disagree
And see this story again be told

On the peaks the kingdom sat
Overlooking the realm of Crimson Bat
Was the castle made of ice
Governed by the frozen autocrat

She loved only the bleak and drab
Into her soul the ice would stab
Until the world was cold and bleak
And all would fear the name of Mab

Now here our story takes a turn
The heros heart began to burn
Cold and oppression he would fight
In hopes that freedom would return

To help him on his difficult quest
Our hero was joined by the best
And from Whitehelm they began
And rode their horses north and west

The hero’s name was Priest Vangor
To allies health he would add more
He carried the Staff of St. Astra
He was the leader of the four

Mercy was the angel’s name
With mana colors she played a game
Transforming purple to yellow
And empowered brought her much fame

With them the templar would ride
A shield wall he could provide
The armor of his friends increased
When he was fighting on their side

Gard’s Avatar would blaze a path
Through any who incurred his wrath
He also sought to tame the Queen
Because she was a psychopath

The long road to the Queen
Brought them near where Dwarves were seen
And in Khaziel they were equipped
With armor strong and edges keen

Once they arrived at Glacial Peaks
They felt the cold upon their cheeks
They knew to achieve victory
They must employ their techniques

The Queen would have a team as well
And they drove forth with a yell
To meet the hero in combat
And send them all straight to hell

Emperor Korvash had lots of fun
by draining mana and causing stun
He could hit two at once
And deal true damage until his foes are done

The Valkyrie would be there too
And she can gather souls for you
But thats not what makes her strong
She changes any color to blue

Justice is a guardian
And with her Mab could win
Looping and boosting is what she does
And that was cause for Mab to grin

Mab herself would fight in turn
And she can cause mana burn
When she matches four or five
A frozen status her enemies earn

An epic battle then took place
The two teams stood face to face
For many hours they would fight
Because defeat would mean disgrace

In the end Vangor prevailed
Mab was dead and her team jailed
Although it came at a price
For Mercy’s death the people wailed

Vangor was crowned that very night
Gard’s Avatar sat on Vangor’s right
And the kingdom’s defense
Was the charge of the Templar Knight

The people loved their new king
All his praise they would sing
Because Vangor’s favorite thing to say
Was simply put “let freedom ring”

The End


anyone knows any application that i could use to compile images and sounds into a vodeo, one that wouldnt hold any rights for my creations? (so i could pass them to gow…)
i dont know will i make anything of it but i want to try

Bumping thread so ppl dont forget about it😎

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Aaaah I’m loving all these entries so far!!!

Yes yes yes to poetry and storytelling, and RNGesus have me a good laugh!


Adobe after effects is an excellent desktop video editor。its so powerful, simple and easy to learn.:smile:

im mostly worried about license (not sure what license i need to be able to give all the rights to the gow?)

edit: ouch i checked adobe after effects, its definitelly too expensive :frowning: but thank you

free video edit software:imovie(Macos&ios),windows movie maker(windows),lightwork(Windows, MacOS, and Linux),and Avidemux(Windows, MacOS, and Linux).should can help you to complete your artwork.:grinning:

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Can I draw a “new troop+spell”? What resolution should the image be, in pixels? @Saltypatra can you help?

I’m surprised there isn’t more artwork in here. I’m a terrible artist, so I’ve got my excuse. But I know there are some good artists up in here! Is everyone quietly submitting them to @Saltypatra so there’s a big reveal?

Typically the bigger the better. If you want a super easy option I’d recomend using @Ozball’s Troop Creator


Fantastic! Really, wow; engaging and made me lol. I’d mail you a beer but i need to drink it before it warms.
Hope you find the time to complete it.
Cheers :beer:


I’m trying to maintain a pace of 1 chapter a week.
I’ll try to wrap up chapter 2 either tomorrow or the day after.


SHAME ON YOU! BAD GORRILLA!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am joking of course and have been loving all of the entries so far myself.
My parody is almost complete, will post soon. And I suppose @Saltypatra I have a question about the viability of my FanFic Finnigan Hinklebolt: Apprentice… Ordinaire being eligible? I was uncertain as it is being written/released in a serial format.

Thanks for getting back to me…


Let me check for you if it’ll be ok. I’ve been following it so I hope the answer is yes!


I am hereby submitting my parody for the Competition. As the lyrics are being submitted as the IP I created, I have posted them immediately below. To aid you in “hearing” the parody I have created two videos. One of the parody performed in the original style of The Beatles and the other in 4 part acappella harmony. I hope you all enjoy them and best of luck to all of my fellow competitors! :wink:

  • efh313

Gems of War
(A Parody of Yesterday, by The Beatles)

Gems of War.
My phone’s not for talking anymore.
My fam’ly is beating down my door,
Cause they don’t know 'bout Gems of War.

I’m not there the way I used to be.
No one can seem to get a hold of me.
Oh, Gems of War came suddenly.

Why did I download?
I was hooked in the App Store.
Puzzle Quest was the best…
Now I long for Gems of War!

Gems of War
Match 3, CCG, and so much more!
It’s the game that I’ve been waiting for.
Oh, I believe in Gems of War.

Why did I download?
I was hooked in the App Store.
Puzzle Quest was the best…
Now I long for Gems of War!

Gems of War
Match 3, CCG, and so much more!
It’s the game that you’ve been waiting for.
Oh, you should download Gems of War.

Go and download Gems of War!

Solo Version

Quartet Version