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Gem Warriors Recruiting - Top 25 Xbox Guild (updated 4/4/21)

Gem Warriors are a top 30 guild with a great welcoming atmosphere. With a great core of players we are looking to fill the last few slots in our guild with regular players who are looking to contribute towards weekly rewards. We always finish guild events and help players out with teams and advice at all times. We also keep separate chats open for Pets and events so you never miss out on those pesky pet pop ups.

Our weekly requirements are 500k gold, 2000 seals, 300 trophies and usually tier 3 on events to reach the weekly req. Weekly reqs on events are always fair only asking for 80% of a 30 way split of the total amount. We do ask that you do pop into chat to say hi and supply resources within 24 hours of joining though so we can avoid those horrible leachers!! Level 900+.

If you’re interested message RustySnowyPaw on xbox

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