Friendsheeps originally was a beginner’s guild until the historical core of a former trophy LB #1 GW B1 guild joined and made it their new home.
So our roster is half very experienced endgamers and half growing players.

We meant Friendsheeps to be a guild where friends could play and hang out together without the pressure of being in a top guild.
But being naturally competitive we still like to get things done.

We require:

  • 500K gold min
  • 150 trophies min
  • participation in all the guild events
  • Discord
    We keep our reqs voluntarily low so that our members can play how they like, but many of them exceed those reqs by much and that is similar to the profiles we are interested in.

We offer:

  • top 200 / B15, for now, climbing slowly but steadily
  • 40K seals each week
  • all basic and epic tasks completed, occasionally a few LTs
  • all events completed
  • friendly and helpful veterans ready to offer guidance to newer players

Interested? Don’t be baaaashful. Come visit our flock of friendly sheep : Friendsheeps🌟