Faction Expansion - Crypt Keepers

This weekend the Crypt Keepers is getting an expansion. The faction’s Deep Delve will become available for players to enjoy (once they complete Delve Level 100 or higher).

It will also be gaining a new Epic Troop – the Crypt Hound.

This troop will be available in the event shop this weekend, and will appear in Chaos Portals for this faction in 4 weeks’ time.

Please note that some of the Social Collectibles that players can earn from this event were released with another event in the past. This means that some players may already own them.

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Thumbs up for removing chaos portals from faction assault news page. Now it lists event shop as only available option to get the new troop.


Crypt Hound is definitely the troop Crypt Keepers was missing.

A spammable troop that uses purple mana that slows the other team down and can get around the Undead traits. Bonus points for Deathmark alternative win condition: so much so that I ran a non-event pure faction and won the last room with 4 Deathmarks.

I’m hesitant to praise troop designs nowadays, but the first 2 faction troops are a positive. Should be interesting to see what fixes up the later delves.


Interesting, really looking forwards to more of these faction expansions too. Would love a way to open more chaos portals at once, but I’m just being greedy there :grin:


Funny kind of map…


Thankfully the new troop can actually be used in the delve unlike the last expansion!


I’ve already had 3 of the alt map at lvls 40,50 and 60, and it made me wonder if RNG map switch would affect the leader board, if different players get enough different maps, since the multipliers are so much better. (Not that I’m on the leaderboard)

Hi everyone,

Im real happy with the new CK Troop Crypt Hound, a real nice troop to use in the faction and think useful in other builds, but that must I find out and try !

In pure faction attempts crypt hound relies on stun from nightshade in rooms 1 and 3 for death mark to work (all faction troops have undying trait) or for curse from probably another hound followed by DM (also from hound). Lets not forget that many have completed CK without potions at horde 100 relying essentially on Lady Morana slaying stuff. So its still very RNG particularly due to 33% chance from hound or nightshade to give the potential for a favourable instakill chance. I think I used 3 Moranas plus Nightshade to complete non event PF and it was basically a concept of waiting to get lucky. In that respect I don’t see that much has changed apart from the middle room perhaps being more manageable because hound is much better at subduing the enemy. Halving gem mastery is a bonus for other modes. Will they stack lol?

It really helped with the middle room.

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Crypt Hound is present in chaos portals. Exactly 4 weeks after the release.