Enable to filter trooptype/kingdom weapons

Thanks to Invasion/Boss events, we have a lot of legendary weapons specific to a trooptype/kindom which spell is:

Deal x damage to an Enemy boosted by <trooptype/kingdom> allies, then create a mix of 6 and gems for each <trooptype/kingdom> ally

like Divine Protector (for Divine allies), Drill Shooter (for Adana allies) …

It’s now difficult to find other legendary weapons drown among those weapons.
It would be great to be able to hide those weapons when you don’t look for a trooptype/kingdom weapon!


External resources such as TaransWorld GoWid are great for solving this issue.

You could type Whitehelm in the Search field of the filter, and it would show all weapons belonging to Whitehelm. You could also type Stryx and it’ll show you all weapons that have the word Stryx somewhere in its name, spell, or temper upgrade.