Elementalist 3rd trait not working in delves

Elementalist 3rd trait not working in delves. I just ran many delves that I stacked up. All the battles in the delve did not have elemental force trait working. Did I miss a patch note?

Were you using your hero in the team makeup? Without any details or a screenshot hard to determine where it went wrong. It is still working fine for me.


Enemies may also gain particular immunities based on which rooms you traipse through during your delve run. In certain cases, the trait may be working fine but simply run itself into those additional immunities and therefore not appear to be activating.

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Did you fight the Dark Monolith and Ancient Golen room? After defeating this battle, future enemies gain immunity to stun.


It was doing the delves on the mid bottom and left half of map. Changed to environmentalist for each. They each had a weapon. It was in one go for each. I had them queued up. Maybe the game glitched? 3 wild court battles worked today.

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Next time make sure to try and take screenshots as they can help both devs and players diagnose the issue because sometimes there is something visible you may have missed. If on windows windows key + shift + s brings up the snipping tool which lets you drag a box of the area of the screen to capture and paste or windows key + print screen button saves a screenshot image directly to screenshot folder.

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I will try to reproduce when I finish the wild court. At 420. on xbox