Do you use Tyri to farm Treasure Maps?

I honestly enjoy playing the treasure game.

I spend about 20 minutes on it, and generally earn 60-90 glory. Plus many traitstones. Plus gems. Seems great to me.


This guy (points to self)

Id play them too if i could use mobile. Be great if console players had some form of limited mobile play that included entering the troop menu and playing maps. Sure would be great to have mobile. Mobile.

Lucky, i wish my rewards were that high.

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Don’t stop at brown chests. I don’t and I average 15-20 Glory while significantly improving other resources.

Any time you limit yourself in TH, you are losing potential for more moves.

Interesting point, but I’m also aiming for fast and short TH games, as I’m not very good at it anyway…

Ah well then you are doing right.

As a side note, mastering TH improved my overall skill in regular matches. Especially setting up combos and using Troops that blow up rows/columns/Gems.

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[quote=“Jainus, post:82, topic:5649, full:true”]make the brown chests but don’t upgrade much further -

I don’t understand the logic of “not matching” higher-level chests.

brown chests = 33% chance each for 2 glory = 0.66 glory each
green chests = 25% chance each for 6 glory = 1.5 glory each
red chests = 25% chance each for 15 glory = 3.75 glory each
vaults = 25% chance each for 40 glory = 10 glory each

So in each case, the next tier of chest gives slightly better than 2x the glory rewards of the previous item. I suppose the idea is that matching 3 brown chests (average glory reward = 2) for 1 green chest (average glory reward = 1.5) is a net decrease in total glory… but that’s a tiny change, and is more than made up for by the additional new resources that drop onto the board.

I suppose if you only have 2 matches left, or something, you could reasonably prioritize bags over any chest matches. But deliberately not matching chests for the whole game is just silly.


I always play to maximize number of moves, nothing else is considered. Always works out over time.

Yeah, I only stop matching chests (of any color when I’m down to 1 or 2 moves). Unless I’m speed running and just matching as fast as possible, then its just go, go go…

@Mr.Strange do we have to wait for then next FULL update to get the PC ratios in TH or can the changes be put out sooner? Currently on console red is 20% and Vaults are 17%, correct?

Your odds would be correct

The most valuable things in treasure map are

  1. Moves
  2. Space on the board

Once you really get that, it’s easier to rack up higher scores.

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All very valid points… but as my priority is short TH games that yield Glory… I generally take the approach above… I average 50 moves and 20 Glory in a game that only takes a minute or so…

Just on the probability part @Mr.Strange

That’s my point exactly…

…except that I don’t care about any other resources, just Glory…

Further… I am hedging by having more rolls from more lower-grade chests… One green chest has a 75% chance of giving no Glory… Three brown chests has only a 30% chance of giving no Glory…

As I only play in short bursts, I want a quick, consistent level of Glory, before I return to MawMabMawMab slogging in pvp… Hence my approach - which is unintuitive to people who are actually good at TH, or care about other resources, but is actually not ‘silly’…

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Except that the high level chests give keys and the keys get glory. Which means that I generally get between 20-100 glory from a good treasure hunt.

I’ve gotten 80 glory without keys. But sometimes I’ll get ~8 glory keys & yet another 40 or 80 glory.

Do what makes you happy, of course, but I really doubt your method maximizes rewards, even of glory.

Also a good observation, thanks - very good pointer to other players and newer players…

…in my case, I am not short of keys… I just don’t wish to open any (until the new kingdom hits)… once I open all those I am sure I will not be short of glory either…

…my position is I don’t have the skill or patience for a ‘good’ TH game… and certainly don’t have the patience to study it for ages to maximise cascades and moves… so in my (unusual) position, quick bursts of short TH games do generate glory faster than pvp…

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I do treasure hunts but most times its 19 moves to 28 moves since I am terrible at it.

But on the plus side I know how to farm for maps and I created a noobs farming guide for it.

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Gorgotha (all traits)
Giant Spider

Works neat :smile:

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Can anyone explain how to get 2 copies of tyri?

If you already got one from completing the Zhul’kari quest, you can get others from opening glory chests or gem chests. It might take hundreds of chests to get another Tyri.

if we get Zhul’kari event week again you might be able to get 3 copies of Tyri if you farm enough of event points (snots)