Devs, why do you do that?

Hi,devs this is my first post in this forum. I want first of all give you thanks to create a game so wonderful that I play it everyday since the very beginning, but I must say that I really don’t understand why do you make some strategics choices. In the last patch you have corrected some metas very annoying like kerbs and famine and that was awesome, I was happy to not see all the time the same metas. Thank you. BUT one week later you create garnoks meta which is really unfair. So you must understand dear devs that creating op metas team is not good for your business because you create frustration and in my case when I get frustrated from a game I don’t want to spend money into this game. Simple psychology. So please stop doing that. Stop creating troops who gives 50 percent Mana to the whole team from the start of battle that’s unfair, and don’t give more buffs from the weekly buffs the teams who have been already buffed, thats too much buffs at the same time for the same team and create unfairness and frustration. For example if you buff garnoks then give the 25 - 25 percent weekly buff to other teams or realm. Always ask you to yourself is this mechanism will create pleasure or frustration into the player ? Is the answer is frustration change something. You have a great game devs, please don’t make it unbalanced anymore. Thank you for reading me.


sure sure, but how is garnok op?


He Is not op by himself he is op because of the weekly boosts that’s why I suggest to give those boosts to other teams to balance the meta, look for example last week it was astral spirit this week is garnoks. that’s all what I mean. but garnoks needed a buff he was useless before. now is he fine, even if im not sure if it’s a good think to give the ability to give 50 percent of Mana to the all team at the start of the game

4x Gar’Noks is the new meta defence?!

Better set one up!! He’ll start with 200% mana! :flushed:



This made me lolol

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Hahahaha unfortunately too true

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I think the OPs point is valid however, particularly last week with Orion/Artema/Astral and this week with the Orcageddon. Other weeks have not been so seemingly unbalanced.

First troop is cactus with some bad luck.

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Well if thats the case then maybe we should scrap the whole idea of event based buffs…

Bottom line is the buffs last only a week and while some are wicked annoying (4x scale guard comes to mind) it does make the meta a bit less pervasive each week so i must say these should be left as is

Any team can be beat buffed or not


I feel like maybe they do this to get people to experiment with new teams that they otherwise wouldn’t try. A new troop (or two) is introduced to a kingdom and it gets a nice boost to get people to try it out and try out. And while doing so, maybe try other troops from the kingdom/type as well. It encourages people to level up and trait troops that would otherwise not see any use.

The event is temporary, it will fix itself after a week :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for your advices to make better posts. I understand the logic behind those boosts, but the consequences are you fight always the same teams in gw all over the week, so you fight 4 scale guards, then 4 astral spirits, then garnoks meta who kills very quickly. My point is, give some boost to new troops, 25 is fine but give the over 25 to another troops in the game, that’s all. Not some troops with 50 percent boosts that’s too much, it creates unbalanceness and frustration. equilibrium Is the key.


Your observations are very different than mine, since that’s not been my finding. For GW today, I fought 2 Orc teams, 2 Psion/Famine teams, and 1 Kerby/FG team. Previous weeks have been similar, about 1/3 to 1/2 event defenses, and the rest split between the meta teams. And if you drop the bonus down to just 25% spread over more troops rather than the normal/current 50%, most of those troops are too weak to be competitive even with the bonus. So then all you’ll be facing is the other 2 meta teams, which is far more “unbalanced and frustrating” in my opinion, and your situation worsens the "equilibrium’ rather than improves it. I’ll face the weekly buffed troops over the boring meta teams every time I can.


Look, normally what you your describing that you want to see does happen. It is in weeks of event Kingdoms where troop types are restricted, (Divinion Fields - has all the Centaurs, Grosh Nak - almost all the Orcs, Mist of Scales - all the Nagas etc) that the double up of boni occurs and team builds are more limited.

Two weeks ago we got Dark Priestess from Ghulvania and mystics got a buff and she is the only Ghulvanian mystic I think.

So I think the problem you’re describing isn’t as prevalent as it would appear to be.


Imo those +50% bonuses are necessary to really improve a bad troop to make it useable in the late game. It also encourages cheesy defenses though. Like 4x Scale Guard, 4x Spirit Fox or 4x Astral Spirit, especially cause they are all empowered.

If there was no +50% stat boost, you’d most likely have created a team for every gw day and stuck with it after week 1 or 2, cause everybody would be using the nastiest possible defense team (Famine, Deathknight, Kerby, FG and stuff - not in one team of course) and you’d be seeing no variety at all. This way you at least have to rework your gw teams every week.

But yes, some troops (like the three above) are super annoying with boosted stats. Last week Bul’Tauros dealing 120+ damage at a mana cost of 11 (12?), that’s ridiculous.

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There are two things:

  • some troops in the game requires a +50% boost to be good enough. So they will be useful for one week and after?
  • some troops are already powerful so when they are Event troops, they are too much powerful…

And I still continue to think that the Event bonus should not be applied to GW battles…

Welcome to the forum. You will notice many fools here and also some nice ones. I encourage you to speak your mind and not be shy. The devs are always appreciate your suggestions, I have been PM thanks by devs for my previous posts. So keep up good work :thumbsup:

Thanks very much for all your contributions, it’s my first post and I enjoy the way the conversation goes on with respect and interest. I think as turintuor that troops should be competitive from the start without needing some “shoot”. furthermore, the metas who were annoying (death famine kerbs) essentially have been nerfed so they shouldn’t be so annoying from now, in fact I don’t see them that much now since the patch. So it worked. About the troops who needs to be tried by players, to take the example of grosh nak, with the changes made to the realm players would have taken them with or without the buff to try them.