Detailed Kingdom Map

The idea was that this bonus comes from a banner not a kingdom itself, but I’ll try it and see if it looks better.

I was wondering when you’d put this up here :slight_smile:

I didn’t really like the old forum.
But this one is cool.
So the time has come :wink:


And I needed some reinforcements amongst these landlubbers

Just discovered another “map project” on the forum :smiley:
looks interesting:
Need a some help about Kingdom Contribute (for World map)

Gems added to your hero!

I couldn’t convince you to turn those gems into trophies? :wink:
We are slowly gaining on the two guilds above us in the ranking and I’m happy to sacrifice captain Venan’s gems for the cause :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you!

And so am I!
If only there were a way to give gems as a reward to other guild members … We would find a way to increase the trophies flow :wink:

And I’m sure, some people who “has no use for souls” would also sacrifice something for the cause :grin:

You get Crowdie there to let us gift gems, I’ll start donating from my stash to the cause :sunny:

Ok, now I think I know what you meant :smile:

While waiting for info about Wild Plains’ tribute, I present a new map layout:

I still can’t decide which one is better: the previous or this one :confused:
So what do you guys think?

(When I get what kind of a tribute comes from Wild Plains I’ll replace the map in the 1st post)


I’m torn. I like seeing the Kingdom shields but I also like the banner bonuses being a bit bigger and clearer.

Perhaps (if you can be bothered), keep the banners on the right but make them bigger (as tall as the shields)?

Ok, now banners are bigger, and mana bonuses as well:


@Venan Wild Plains tribute is gold. At least according to the devs :wink: Wild Plains, what tributes does it bring?

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Here is the final version

unfortunately (or I’d say rather fortunately :smile: ) this map will become outdated very soon,

So use it while it lasts! :smiley:


Cool, thanks! :smile:

Just curious - on the troop screen where you can choose which kingdom to filter troop cards from there is a kingdom called Primal. I have not seen this in any map yet. Maybe it is just a new kingdom yet to be released?

Primal is the Imp kingdom. It’s an invisible kingdom (for now).


You’ve got my attention :grin:

Ha! Mine too. Can’t wait.

It’s not a guarantee that it’ll ever be appear on the map. Only that it could be a possibility.