Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


Your quality bonuses do not apply unless you beat the boss. So if you have quality at 4 or above, beating the boss is better. If not, it’s the same.


Are you sure? Let’s say I get lv4 chest before beating the boss. If I have quality 4 then beating the boss will take the chest to lv6. So the choices are:

  1. Get a lv6 chest @x1
  2. Get a lv4 chest @x2

But if I have max quality it would be lv8 chest @x1 so I guess that’s what I wish to know. Is a lv8 chest @x1 the same as a lv4 chest @x2?


What the heck!! Bulette, you bully!
Don’t underestimate him, guys.


Bulette, Night Hag, Kruarg… they are upset they’ve been ignored and are taking their terrible, terrible revenge


Don’t forget the toadstool as well.

All underrated troops until they are loaded with stats and then they become terrifying. :scream:

The low mana cost is the biggest threat.


Spot on @Santandrix . They might have been called beast and monsters before, now wait, at high level they are truely a wall to met, and are truly monsters and beasts.


This guy is a pain to if trying to use faction troops in the Hall


I learned that you should not underestimate any build or troop after getting so deep into it



I’m not sure if we’ve fully figured out the drop pools so it’s hard to make a concrete answer.

It definitely seems like if the boss room shifts you from level “< 3” to “>= 4” then it is well worth beating the boss room. I’m almost certain by observation somewhere between 3 and 4 makes “Shards AND Ingots” possible, and I really don’t know that I’ve seen Chaos Shards below 4. Even a 100x modifier is worthless if you pull 0 of the thing you want.

That’s what I think really makes this event work. It’s really hard to figure out if pushing forward is smarter than staying back, or if you should beat the boss room or cut your losses. We have a lot of ways to control our luck, but we’re never quite sure which choice is optimal.

That’s a heck of a lot more fun than “well if I kill enough towers I get the prize no matter what”.


A lvl 8 chest will almost always be better, since it rolls 8 base rewards while the level 4 only rolls 4 (one per chest level)


This was a level 3 chest from the event:

And another level 3 chest:


Gem$ of $Kill.


I accidentally went up one (10) level in the delve because i was distracted and went to the boss.

About the chests even a Level 2 Chest can give Legendary and/or Mythic Ingots. I had one with four of each.


Just to give everyone a superficial idea of the costs in gold to upgrade your Hoard:

I’m using 5 Rings (50% chance) everytime, so take each value and divide by 5 to find the costs for each piece of treasure you use in those attempts. @Sheba i think this is an important information for you.

The other costs, also using five Treasures in each try:

Seems like i missed one screenshot in the sequence…


Yeah the way it is currently set up i think upgrading your hoardlevel to eventually beat the delves(500) is not the way to go.
Aside from Gold costs getting huge considering we will have what 34? factions in the end, it also really doesn’t help much in finishing delves quicker. At hoard lv1000 you gain +90 Magic which is almost nothing compared to the effective health gains enemies will have eventually.
The way to go is clearly to keep your hoard health bonus high enough to get somewhat cascade-oneshot proof enough and find instakill/devour/etc. methods to clear it.


The way points are calculated is just stupid imo, the multiplier should increase with the difficulty


I think the devs might consider a revision on this, or not… But Wild Plains and the Gnolls are surely due for a rework by the way. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sure after this week delves will be all adjusted and next week will be figuring out a new stradegy. :laughing:

Look at what happened with every other game mode they came out with.


So that mean same strategy for friday? :slight_smile:


Your optmism is really cute, and i’m not being dismissive… I’m not sure if the devs can rework this so fast, that’s all.

Honestly, all this system seemed ok in theory, but with so many… traps… to put the players in some bad situations i think they sort of deserved this lesson. Given my disposition i could still blaze this event with a team i created who can beat every room in two casts except in one single Legendary battle, and no matter how the teams is scrambled by Dust Devils or Bulletes, it can generate mana for the Mythic and beat the rooms in seconds sometimes.


You are also naive, if the dev think it’s broken they can decide to remove the event like they did for GW and put it back later :stuck_out_tongue: