Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


I’m going to TL;DR; the TL;DR; post that I’m replying to.

  • Fact: If your Delve level is lower, you will finish more quickly and more easily.
  • Fact: If your Delve level is higher, you will have more renown but might not win the Delve.
  • Opinion: It is smart to keep one faction very low-level so you can get Boss Room rewards without spending a lot of time and effort. This will quickly overpower renown rewards.
  • Opinion: It is smart to keep all factions relatively low level until you are pushing the hoards very far. Having the ability to quickly clear a particular Delve and get boss room rewards will overpower the missing renown rewards.
  • Opinion: It is smart to push all factions as far as possible to maximize renown rewards.

Not TL;DR:

I think the third opinion, “push as far as possible”, only makes sense in the future when more renown is available. Right now you are potentially sacrificing guaranteed legendary ingots in return for 1 guaranteed common ingot if you maximize renown. I guarantee you by the end of the year, the +1 ingot reward will have given you less mythic ingots than you would get from a Boss Room chest by the end of the month.

The only reason it would be sensible to go “as far as possible” is if you are confident you can beat the Delve all the way up to 500. Then you get the renown bonus and the boss room bonuses. I don’t think anyone sane thinks they can reliably beat a level 500 Delve yet.

I think most people except the die-hard competitive players believe keeping at least one faction lower-level is the best approach. There are arguments to be made for and against holding all back, I think that one comes out in the wash.

I’m also not completely convinced yet the room multiplier boosts chest rewards. I’m trying to work out how I got 14 ingots from a 3.55 multiplier. Where is my math failing?


Just finish all the reward stages, so I’ll try my best to answer my own question.

  1. Worth to do it? Yes.
    so many Shards and Treasures, with extra Vault Key, Diamonds, and 2 Minor Chaos Orb.

  2. Minimum Tier? Just 2 (90 gems)
    Except you need a new weapon, then go for it.

  3. Best Strategy? Clear all stage until level 100, then stop.
    Use your best team for it. In actual Underworld, it’s easy enough to farming for end-gamers and doing fraction challenge.

More detail and screenshot here


So the faction event don’t have solid block? Is it a bug?


Shhhhhhh! *waves arms frantically*


2 times in a row I went for a 90% quality chance and lost. Never managed to get quality increase except 100% situations. Is it a bug?


I would say no just very unlucky


On one of Tacet’s streams, he was able to get “very” lucky and get a quality upgrade with far less than 90%. You just had bad luck. This is why I don’t bother with the RNG and only do it at 100% until I max quality.


I saw the blocks on the second round, but not on the first.


Well i did 5 run and never saw them


I got it twice with 30% and once with only 10% lol


Where does it tell the percentages?

I’m not sure if I have even paid attention to this part or not.


Look on the card it telling you lol mythic is 50% so 2 of them is enough for guarantee quality lv up

Also when you at 100% you will see the quality number become green before you add gold


Thanks a lot. :+1:more to look for.


I once did 95%, but not planning to do it again. If it fails it will suck big time…


My upgrade strategy is haphazard and probably not optimal but whatever.

If I have 5 of the cruddy 5% treasures, I use them up on the spot. They don’t provide enough of a boost for me to care, and 25% is better than 0%.

Otherwise, I don’t try to upgrade unless I have at least one 25% or higher treasure. I use exactly one, then see if I can bump it up to 85% or greater with the cheap treasures. If not, I wait.

I can afford to use “too many” cheap treasures, but I’d rather get 2 80% chances out of 2 of the rare ones than 1 100% chance. I can still fail, but it’s more likely I’ll get 2 upgrades.


So another delve event this friday? Or it’s just a faction release?


New Faction release = new 3-day weekend event.

The same rule with new class.

PS. guys! I spell fraction correctly now! ^^


Lol so dev really want people to burnout with all these events

We will soon need to quit our job to keep the pace :stuck_out_tongue:


Bein a faction just a small portion of a kingdom… Wouldn’t that be a fraction of all troops from said kingdom?


Question: During a normal delve (so NOT an event delve) if I want to keep it at it’s current lv would it be better rewards to play on x1 and beat the boss, or play on x2 and retreat before the boss?