Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


I hit 1,000 club. I’ve been using treasure for the hoard as well. Here are my results. 2 level 6s and a level 4

I lost Lord Ember today but I switched to assassin and it seems almost better then the dragon hero. I summoned in 2 bandits.

Tomorrow’s fight might be a tough one so I think I will stay at 180. Maybe.


This was my last move on the boss round. :grin:

Slow and steady wins the race. :+1:


While I fully agree that my strategy is not optimal, as it does requires more time and can be very risky. It also relied on players’ ability to correctly underestimate themselves, which can be hard.

I have some troubles with it myself. I have to review myself all the time, and have to check my weakness, how to improve it, then adapt my team accordingly. I even take more time planning before doing my first Delve battle, then map my battles’ order, more than Guild War’s battles, and it can take up to 20 minutes. It could be stressful for other players, but for me it’s my main part of fun.

As for time spending in actual battles, it can be varied, base on your prefered strategy. Fighting over-stats enemies can take a long time, except you can use them against themself.

For one example, we all have already experienced Raid in higher level, and probably know about Mang strategy. Does battle in Level 500 harder than Level 100? Yes, and more risky. But does it take more time to do, once you can Mang’ed the boss and find some skulls to match? No, if you’re lucky, both only take about a minute.

You can do the same in Delve, with just a bit less effectiveness due to lack of single higher-stats troop to focus on. Although I really DON’T recommend it except you have some plan to keep Mang alive, as if you lose it, it’s pretty much Game Over.

Which bring me to this…

Both fractions factions team are actually quite great and have some Mang potential.

  • Hall of Guardian have Ethereal Golem, which can increase attack stats very fast form armor stats (and Gargoyle that benefit from it). They also have natural survival ability.
  • All Seeing Eye have Ocularen Leech, which can steal enemies’ attack stats. They’re weaker, but they does have a troop that can heal the whole team and summon this troop.

Also, I covered more about it here if you’re interested.

Fraction team plan

So I planed to use my faction team untill level 100, switch to main team, then come back every 100 levels to gain more renown, by playing in x1 multiplier and only beat 3 required main rooms. It does waste some scrolls, but it’s only a few times, and I didn’t waste limited 2x multipliers.

Also, another factor I don’t see mentioned much here: you get 2 shards for every 10 renown points. So pushing higher does earn you more (if just a few) Shards. It might matter if you can use that to pull more Treasures/troops from that very early, and get higher Hoard Quality faster. Right now my average shards per Delve is 80, so it might worth it for the more time I spent.


So if I want to keep the new faction coming on Friday at LV 20 I should do every room during its event but retreat before doing the boss? (whenever the new faction event is)


Do event delves level up automatically if you win, regardless of which level you choose? That’s pretty annoying if so.


As far as I know, this is correct. Any time you beat the boss room on the highest level Delve currently available, the difficulty is permanently raised.

See above.


Can you even choose difficulty during an event?


From what I saw in the beta, no. You start at level 20, and any time you beat the boss room the difficulty increases.


I am using an alternative strategy of progressing all factions / hoards equally. The rationale for this is that treasure chest start with a 2.00 whenever you choose the highest delve level. The strategy therefore is to go the for the lowest level delve where you can pick up treasure chests with starting 2.0 multipliers. This means leveling all factions at approximately the same pace. When the new faction launches, I will stop leveling the first 2 factions and throw all delves at the new faction until it catches up with the first 2 factions.

Before I do this, I however need to get the Hoard Quality up. The critical level is Hoard Quality 4 because of the +1 to the Delve chest level. I will therefore be leveling up the first 2 factions until I get enough treasure to improve the Hoard Quality to 4 for the new faction.


Upcoming in a hour

  • First Fraction Faction event.
  • Intense math to determine whatever is it worth to finish all reward stages.
  • More math to decide the minimum Tiers needed to do it.
  • Great debate about the best strategy to do that without effecting usual Underworld progress too much.

At least I hope that will happened. I’ll provide the screenshots for them all for future calculation. Might even need to create new thread…


Your second and third bullet points will surely involve lots of fractions to optimize this first faction event.


Sorry I haven’t had time to read this thread yet and I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask.

Did I seriously just spend 30 minutes on delves and get nothing but a single portal to open?


Ouch… my autocorrect is acting up again. Sorry! I’ll try to pretend that “Fraction” as a word is not exist now. Only Faction have a solid meaning. :stuck_out_tongue:


That will make @Jainus very happy!




My guildmates. There is hope.


So what is everyone’s thought on the delve event?

Enjoyable or a fail?


Since i really like actually playing the delves as opposed to the economy simulation that comes with it, i obviously enjoy the event as it is giving us a lot of delve runs.
I’d like it even more if it was at least a three day event, the overall playtime you can spend in it is significantly higher than even the week long events of Raid and Invasion, so more time to do it would be welcome. I would drop more diamonds in the delve shop if the event was longer, but as it stands i will have a hard time using up the tokens i got from getting the weapon at TierIV in just that day, real life demands time too.


I’m a little bit disappointed by the shop because you can get only the Epic troop (I was hopin for some random faction troops rewards, like all other modes)

Next ASE Event, surely no new weapon so not sure if I will do the Event…


AS promise i will post my free random ingot result day 1