Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


Mhh, and how you handle the Mershark splash true damage in boss room?

At lvl 470 with hoard lvl 100 he can 1 shot any in the team, it start at 50% too so kinda hard kill him before it shoot, i used jasmine pride last time (but moved to another at soon i got the pet so 470 is the max i did x now).


Most of the opponent is dead quickly.
With TPK, mana fills fast, one shot of Alchemist, fill Irongut, and eat whatever threat first. This team just runs fast.


So in my adventures of Hall of Guardians Delve 500 faction team, I decided to write down the stats (I forget if I damaged SS before I did, don’t think I did though).

Hall of Guardians final room:

Silent Sentinel: 510 Armor, 504 Life, 260 Atk
Gargoyle: 503 Armor, 505 Life, 261 Atk, 131 Magic (135 Splash)
Ethereal Sentry: 512 Armor, 501 Life, 254 Atk
Arcane Golem: 510 Armor, 497 Life 259 Atk

Gargoyle hits for 479.66666…7 damage before spell reduction
Against Ethereal Sentry, it hits for 239.83333… dmg
Against the other 3, it hits for 359.75 dmg

So if I wanted to survive that, I’d want a hoard level of 338ish or more.

Don’t think I’ll be finishing this one in a long time if ever…


I think @Namour did it with level 200. Dont know how :smiley:
He might be the only one to do it.
I am yet to even try it in HoG for the first time :smiley:


Oh awesome! My hoard is only at 160 right now, been saving my excess shards for The Warrens until I can safely estimate if I can do it or not…

I hate HoG, its RNG to a high level

Congrats to Namour


I’m just going to wait until they make it easier. I like to be challenged against my peers during GW. More copies of a pet doesn’t justify hours being wasted against Warlord 10 in regards to Delves.


Well, that’s in a ideal world and assuming fatgob dont fail devour (while i seen mine fail 6 and 5 times in a row in 2 runs), kinda remind me my faction runs in cript “IF morana istant kill”.

I used a more safe team with fatgob, jas pride, anu a tpk.


I think @TheIdleOne should be nerfed! He make me look like a noob in delve :slight_smile:


Hell yes.


Congratulations! How many tries did it take you?


Amazing job, congrats! I knew it was possible with 100 hoard, reched final room many times by letting them kill the first troop and playing wirh Treant in first slot. What did you use?


Tries… ummmm… probably a couple weeks worth lol. And yeah, I did the same thing, get a Treant in front and let that run amok.

Green Golem -> Treant
Green Golem
Dark Dryad

Get the first Golem to die in the entry room and summon a Treant in place. Buff the Treant with Dryad until you get a couple magic hits and you’re set.

Worth noting that for this to happen I had optimal rooms in between and I also didn’t have any Golems summoned. I also lost a Treant in the boss room but summoned another and got it buffed up again before I lost my Dryad finally.

Don’t seem to have a particularly good chance if you don’t have a Dark Dryad. I tried running with two so there’d be a higher chance of at least one making it past the first room before the Redthorns snipe it, but then you can end up without reliable Entangle and get mowed down by skulls in any other room.


But you finished with a treant and still count as a faction troop?


You only need to start with 4 faction troops, you can finish with 4 toads, or even 1 toad


I actually got a lot of work done with a toad in the boss room once, back at lvl400. Its not quite as good though lol.


Congratulations @Shimrra! What was your hoard level at? Did you manage it with it just at 100 or go higher?


I got this @Shimrra. :wink:


Oh you’re so helpful! Not a trace of not-so-subtle sarcasm at all! Why thank you, you truly are a gentleman @awryan :wink:


Accurate. You’re welcome.


Congrats! This was with the factions native banner for Primal Rift?

I just got 2500 renown on ASE tonight with hoard lv 153. Crypt keepers at 2500 about 2 weeks ago. Primal Rift will be the next one I’m going to work on.

GZ again!