Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


@Macawi thanks for that build it’s really making this Delve event easy and fast! It should scale well for high level too hopefully.


I ran out of sigils at level 290, but it did well up until that point.


I did all rooms until level 270 with this team:
Rock Troll + Mountain Crusher (Necromancer Hero) + Apothecary + Xathenos, Kraken Banner. (Necromancer because I’m currently levelling this class).
The first three troops can be killed and Xathenos still manages to win everything.

Then I started to skip some rooms. And after level 300 I switched to this team:
Mountain Crusher (Titan Hero) + Apothecary + Xathenos + Suna, Kraken Banner.


I’ve been using the following team and still going at level 290. It’s getting slower to use obviously but still highly effective :+1:


Beat Primal Rift Delve 500 with the faction team.

Team: Redthorn, Green Golem, Dark Dryad, Altherfather (Riven Banner) (1st time used was the 4th run)

Other attempts had Green Golem or Dark Dryad up front.
1st attempt was around Treasure Hoard 148 to test what stats were needed. Decided Lucky 199 was a good place to be. Judging by my Alderfather’s 4 hp. I’d assume so lol.

Attempt 1: Dark Dryad died in room 1, Wayfinder ruined me in room 2. 82 dmg doubled
Attempt 2: Ancient Golem in room 2, then Dark Monolith. Won the match with 1 Green Golem, dead in Room 3.
Attempt 3: Dark Priestess unentangled twice just as she casted running over Green Golem and Dark Dryad. 3rd room Hellcat killed Alderfather run is pretty much over… lost in boss room, took green golem to 200ish hp.
Attempt 4: Redthorn and Dark Dryad died room 1. Success. I can’t even remember the 2nd or 3rd room.

Strategy more or less became Treant skull bashing/Green Golem entangling with Alderfather catalyst. Treant struggled in room 1 and had to resummon a few times? I think. (yay Infernal Armor) , but did fine in room 2 and 3.

I don’t feel ecstatic right now, more mentally numb if anything. That took too long.

Not the most exciting 5 minutes ever but here’s the end bit of the run:


Congrats! That swipe at 2:04 really shows your skills!


Thanks for sharing your adventures. Quite a feat! Curious what’s your last 600 renown to reach the 12,500 max?


I only have 2,200 in Hall of Guardians and 2,200 in Sea of Sorrow. I’m saving my shards for the December faction, so I don’t have treasure I’m willing to donate to HoG to give it a go yet. (I have extra Sacred Treasure, but not willing to donate it on Treasure Hoard 100)

I got lucky in that my guild got the HoG pet to show up in a pet rescue, so its already Mythic. I’d try for Sea of Sorrow, but I just don’t like it.


yay ;d

Here is the whole thing, as always pretty boring


Due to the change in Faction Event scoring. I ask that you consider this room being a permanent level in difficulty. Currently the room level is RNG based. Which therefore gives an artificial luck based advantage or disadvantage to players trying to compete for the LB.


From what I recall the variation there is as low as 1.15x and as high as 1.3x (notably, the Epic room, Dragon Fountain, only gives a 1.25x multiplier change). This is the range present just in ultra-rare rooms (Troll Hole is 1.15x and Faerie Ring is 1.3x, IIRC). So the variation is not worse than in other fixed-rarity rooms.


Yeah… Just enough to decide between 1st and 2nd… No biggy since it only effects 100 players or so.

They changed the way factions are done. My request is for them to change the way the way some Delves work due to the change that they implemented.


If you are complaining about that room, you should also be complaining about every other room. Heck, the legendary room could be as low as 1.2x (Goblin Throneroom) or as high as 1.5x (Drowned Grotto, Murky Deep). That is a much bigger swing than the 0.15x that comes from the one room you circled.


Every other room in the delve is a set rate.
This is the only room that changes depending on the level of the delve. We have enough RNG elements in the game. Faction scores shouldn’t be influenced by RNG outside of the actual matches. (That’s my complaint)


TI’m not sure what you mean by set rate. If you mean they have guaranteed level/rarity, I agree. But they don’t have a fixed treasure multiplier, which is what affects scoring. And as I pointed out, the legendary room right before the secret room has a much larger variation in multiplier, which should be even more irritating to someone complaining about the influence of RNG on scores. It sounds as if you’re fixating on room rarity, and conflating that with treasure multiplier.


For each delve. The Rarity of the room decides the multiplier correct?

So for every delve in CK is the same for 8/9 rooms. With only one room being different for each level.
There’s one random room, with one random rarity, and one random multiplier.
To make it fair for all those competiting. That one room should be the same for everyone. That simple.
How can it even be disputed that it shouldn’t be the same for everyone? Whether it’s a big or a small difference. It’s still a difference. A difference that shouldn’t exist. And only matters. Because the devs changed how scoring in devs work.

For those that don’t know what I’m talking about. You can see from the 2 SS that the bottom room Rarity changes depending on the level (RNG based).


Oh wow…I just looked into it… The multipliers are totally RNG based and inconsistent. 🤦


But what Grundunlum means is that by the same Token sometimes you’ll have a Legendary Room with 1.2 score multipliers and sometimes you’ll have legendary rooms with 1.5.

It’s a much bigger difference and it also affects the scores in a random order and that difference is even bigger. He is not invalidating your suggestion/request, but even if the devs change this very particular pet peeve of yours the scores would still be randomly affected by luck/unlucky.

I believe this is by design to lure players into spending more gems to surpass the difference, otherwise if everyone have the same score the leadeboards would award people with more resources than intended. And that’s supposedly a big “NO!” from the Publisher who supposedly keeps a tight leash even on class changes…



Yeah. I didn’t know. I do now. So I made an official request to change it. Sorry for the confusion…I had no clue that the multipliers were so RNG based.


Anyone have some good lvl 500 « clear all room » reliable teams?

Here is mine for SoS:
Hero with DE
High King Irongut
The Possessed King

This order if your class gets Barrier on brown.
If not, but you start with first troop entangled, then put Irongut in front.

If you have neither trait… err… it’s less reliable because skulls.