Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


3x Morana, Grave Seer with double red banner
and a looooot of amazing luck + weeks of trying :smiley:


Weeks of trying? Is it worth it to keep hoard at level 100?
I did the same on 3rd try with hoard lvl 185. And I consider myself impatient because with hoard lvl 200 I would be out of range of 128 true damage from Spectral Knight in the boss room who was the main issue for me in first tries.


Grave Seer only enchants himself so it doesn’t work well


it is definitely not worth it to waste runs from a resource perspective, but I am stubborn and wanted to do it without wasting treasures :smiley:


It helps as a “counter” to enemy Grave Seer when there is alignment and if they hit your Grave Seer it ends up enchanting Morana. Also having purple on the board helps with % chance to instant kill


Weeks? Not doing that lol. Maybe once I get everything to 500. … actually that could be soon. FINE, game…


Spoiler alert: it’s boring af,
but here you go


I enjoyed the twist ending. Totally expected to end one way, then…well I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.


I’m using the Dragon’s Claw banner, red/yellow/brown.


Man, that is insane. Hopefully I can pull it off someday. Well done sir.


Its worth noting that the Spectral Knight doesn’t do double damage right now, which helps getting out of room 1 by a lot. Of course there are players that love Spectral Knight, so enjoy the safety net until the 4.2 patch soon TM.


so what’s next? :stuck_out_tongue:


I never upgraded any hoards above 100, and I managed to get to the final room 3 times in AsE and once in SoS, so I am gonna keep trying :smiley:
For HoG I have no clue, maybe in couple of years :smiley:
But I am looking forward to the challenge :smiley:


jzg, you have amazing determination.

Even without using the faction team, level 400+ HoG delves are progressing slower than I’d like. One skull match in the boss room can kill any of my non-tank troops, or two matches in the first or middle room.

Here’s some teams I put together, none of them great:

Gelatinous cube / weaver / alchemist / syl B:suncrest yellow green -blue

The weaver doesn’t defend well against the gargoyle, better to use it in other factions.

Dragonguard Mang / Devoted (cleanse) / Ish / Infernus B: Sin red brown -prp
Dragonguard Mang / syl / silent one / infernus

Triple skull damage is fun, but unreliable. Dragonguard can dispel on ⅘ matches for the boss enchanting. If anyone doesn’t have dawnbringer or scorpius, you might give the second one a try, though it’s tough to keep the enemy silenced without a good mana generator.

alchemist / megavore / megavore / hellcat B:shentang yellow red -green

Alch can’t be silenced and the two megavores really do work to wipe out the enemy in a reasonable amount of time. But you have to avoid skulls. I only tried this team twice, made it to boss room once for a single skull match to kill the alchemist. Maybe replace one megavore with syl if you’re patient. I haven’t tried that yet… maybe should.

Kerberos / syl / grave seer / dawnbringer B: Crypt red purple -green

Before Kerberos eats, the seer with help feed him (them?) and enchant dawnbringer, after devour will enchant Kerberos. You might replace the seer or sylvanimora with gimlet to enrage and fill Kerberos, but I didn’t try that. I wasn’t happy being silenced in the boss room, and neither was poor Kerberos.

Kerberos / divinia / syl / dawnbringer B:hall yellow brown -green

Maybe the best of a bad bunch. Dawnbringer to protect against gargoyle and skulls, sylvanimora to keep the top barrier up, divinia to cleanse and make mana. Still fails a lot. 440 tomorrow, wish me luck.


Another exciting day, except this time there is no premature celebration, as I finally did it. :partying_face:

Take me a whole week though. The most challenging part was picking the path in the middle, and estimated which rooms I could take on without losing any troops. I even had to take bottom path sometimes and beat both Rare and Ultra-Rare room, but after all the effort, dangerous loops in Boss room would get me anyway. :sob:

So, I’m tired with stunned progress, and it’s already a new week, so I upgraded my hoard a bit more to 111, for that extra 1 magic. With those bonus life/armor/attack I got with it as well, the battle was a lot easier and required less luck.

For the battle, middle room was The Guarded Chamber, which only got dangerous front troop, perfect to take on. Won it with no troop lost/summon, and ready to take on Boss room with normal, full team.

Able to get my Ocularen Leech going faster than theirs, so match is very quick. Their Xerodar is a lot of trouble as usual, and require many summon to survive it cast. After a while, finally managed to get to this point!

I even got 2 options to win the match. (No jinxing screenshot this time :rofl:), so my victory is secured. It’s also a green Faction, so Legandary pet will be mine sooner or later! ^^


So both related and unrelated to today’s event…

All Seeing Eye Delve 500 with the faction team is frustrating. It’s possible, it really is. The problem is that one gem spawn, let alone cascade and the rounds done for in the boss room. I’ve managed to kill Ocularen Leech 3 times in my tries, but Ocularen snipes out Watch Mother before I can kill the rest.

Currently having a 100% success rate in the 1st room, and around 33% - 50% in the 2nd room. I hate the Delve 500 Shadow Dragon, groan.

With these new delve rooms though, I’m hoping Delve 300 with the faction team in Sea of Sorrow is possible…


How could their Ocularen attack your Watch Mother? It casted after either of your 2 top troops died?

What are stats of all 4 of your troops at Mythic? At Legendary, my Watch mother is still the healthiest, so their Ocularen can’t attack it untill there are only 2-3 troops left on my side.


Its a bit of a struggle keeping slot 1 alive in that battle, so yeah, Ocularen loves to sneak a cast in after 1 of the top troop dies. Usually when it casts, feeds itself, then casts again.

Unfortunately after 1 Watch Mother cast, Xerodar is healthier than Watch Mother.


Ah, I understand it now. Their Ocularen must be the biggest first challange to get over. I also fail a bunch of time in Level 300 dued to it casting after 3 of my troops are alive, so my Watch Mother will get hit with no way to heal itself.

Still, if you managed to kill their Ocularen, their Xerodar will become the next big threat, dued to green no longer get blocked. Only your lucky endless loops would stand a chance against it.

Like you said, possible, but very frustrating.


I don’t mind the Ocularen. I just really hate the Ocularen Leech. One cast takes over 120 atk off, so its very hard to get going once it casts.

In an ideal situation, O.Leech would be dead, your Ocularen Leech is still alive with 200-300 atk +2nd slot still alive and your Watch Mother is untouched. Your top 2 troops may die anyways, but in theory, you could fill those slots before their Ocularen pecks your WM too many times.

As for Xerodar, I think an Ocularen Leech with 200-300 ATK + your Xerodar casting with a few good conversions will do ok against their Xerodar OR their Xerodar misses everything on the board and you can clean up with multiple 4/5 matches with your O.Leech.