Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


Perhaps. But, that’s probably a side effect.

The intent behind delves has always been to force players to fight rooms at their limits of capability, with extending that limit only possible through significant investment in hoards. However, crafty players were able to push far beyond what is supposed to be possible at this point in the delves’ lifecycle, as the likely intention was for them not to be cleared at anywhere near max level for a very long time. Yet, here we are. Darn those meddling players.

I still believe that in the long run, there’s going to be something that requires perfect 2500s in a faction that is significant. That’s going to require a level 500 clear with a faction team. And even then, that’s asking for Mission Impossible, because running a faction team in a delve against some of these rooms is equivalent to taking a full bounty team into Battle 20. You’re just asking to lose. I wouldn’t be surprised if a level 500 delve requires a level 500 hoard to even have a remote chance to clear with a faction team by design.

End game… back when 4.0 came out with the Underworld, I reached multiple conclusions about where I thought the game was heading very long-term (I think those were in one of my long rants on the 4.0 beta thread, can’t remember at 2 AM). Very much tinfoil hat territory, as there was no remote information to even qualify my theories. As of the 4.1 release, those are still in tinfoil hat territory, but none of them have been disproven as of yet and will survive until at least another quarterly patch.

That said, I do now have a tentative date in mind of when the other shoe will drop on delves, and that is late April - early May 2019, with the release of Spring quarterly patch. Why then? Because outside of an unlikely additional Overworld kingdom addition, the final Overworld kingdom without a base Mythic will receive theirs on May 3, 2019. (which will it be: Adana, Karakoth, or Sin of Maraj?) At that point, the Overworld will be complete, as I don’t believe that second mythics will be added to Overworld kingdoms (they are heading to Factions next). There will be still be weekly troops for events released, but for all practical purposes, the Overworld can pretty much run on autopilot at that point.

That frees up game progression to focus purely on the Underworld, which has been said by Sirrian to be the primary focus of the game for at least the next year (likely 3 years at one faction per month, barring some type of radical change). What form that takes… no one knows outside of the devs at this point.

But, my central premise that over time, in terms of end-game meta, that most Krystaran-based game modes and rewards which have not been monetized in some way will become increasingly obsolete, if not already there, to push players into the new mode equivalents [ex: donating to treasure hoards replaces donating for LTs for more relevant rewards; see recent threads about the “worthlessness” of LT rewards at end-game] still holds for now.

And now, it’s time for some sleep and a fresh roll of aluminum foil.


If this ever happens it will be the day I quit this game I swear to God.


I agree. Including hard rooms to secretly limit every players’s resource gain seem very far-fetched and needlessly complex train of thought.

In my opinion, they’re all blast-from-the-past Meta teams. I remembered fighting similar teams in PvP/Guild War back then, I think that might be where they get inspirations from.

Addition of them surely make Delve’s gameplay more enjoyable now. But is it also make the gameplay harder? I’m not sure yet. But if it is on average, it’s probably the result of “didn’t think this through” instead of other reasons. (Or they just making counters for AoE/Scatter damage and buffed attack work way too good)


The triple skull damage is fun, but I can’t recommend this team as is. Already reached a point where the boss gargoyle can one shot one of my troops. HoG delve level 370 with hoard at 124. Still won the delve, but will probably switch to Timeknight’s maw team with barriers.


These great design choices as well as awful troops for weekly events, approval of poorly (traced) art and mediocre, at best, faction sinergies seems to be all intended at this point… :roll_eyes:


lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Finally got the SoS pet!

Now at 480… I can try for 500 and 2100 points… but I had to quit this battle :

Maybe tomorrow


An analysis about new scoring system in Faction Event. To sum it up, not much is changed if you keep advancing to around Level 100, then stop. More info here.


Still stupid compared to previously. Seriously, they could have added a stipulation to be on the leaderboard like “Be at level 100 delve for this event before you can participate with your score” or something like that but nope, now everyone has to suffer if they want all the rewards or the server could just screw them over and hand them a loss when you won.


And who would stop someone from farming level 20 and then doing 8 delves to get to level 100 with an inflated score? I think the change is fine. You can finish the event at delve level 90 maybe for some it will be 100 or 110 which should be fairly doable.


Intense and exciting time for me today in All-Seeing Eye, Delve Level 300: Faction team with Hoard Level 100.

Got Scaled Court (2 Empower Lamias) in the middle room for the first time, but ignore the warning about it and push with Faction team anyway. Some top 2 troops are lose, but managed to use Watch Mother to bring them all back! So here is the boss room!! (I can garantee @TheIdleOne build is the best :yum:)

Things are going quite well, with many cascades/extra turns in my favor. I managed to get to the point with only their Xerodar alive!

You can guess what will happen next, right?

I’m not sure if you’re rooting for me or against me, but… I lose. :sob:

So close, damnit! Totally not gonna take too many screenshots and jinx myself next time. :rofl: Maybe I’ll get a better luck tomorrow! ^^


Xerodar is very mean lol. One cast from either yours or the AIs can lose the game.

Edit: I glad you like my idea haha


Don’t forget the deathmark on life hit. Only Xerodar himself has immunity to it…


The 300/500 Faction match usually dont last long enough for the Deathmark to really matter, edit: unless the enemy does True Damage to your Xerodar.

Bumped up my ASE hoard tonight to 170. Managed to get the last boss room with the faction team (on floor 500), leaving only the enemy Watch Mother and Xerodar alive. Not bad. If I could have resummoned an O.Leech before the enemy Ocularen sniped my Watch Mother, I might have had a chance.

Epic room I survived was the Viper room.

Got to that boss room a time before that today, but that one got destroyed in one Xerodar cast.


At Level 300, Xerodar got double 88 damage. Still not one-hit-KO, but very deadly if it get skulls matches. I lose this battle due to random 4x skulls match cascade from him. Talk about a sharp turn of luck. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, my idea with Xerodar on 2nd slot get itself killed too fast, I don’t even able to deathmark them. So yours is definitely the best possible.

Also, I’ve learned that I can keep my Watch Mother from any damage in start/boss rooms, as ASE team don’t have any targeted damage dealer, so I can take advantage of that by NOT using WM to heal, only summons. It can’t heal itself, so healing end up putting itself up for Ocularen’s 2-weakest-troops spell damage. Xerodar’s top 2 spell is hard to reach it anyway. This way, I can endlessly summon back-up and take on 3x stats enemies. :grinning:


Good tip! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, Jonathan! Also, using that strategy, I managed to get to the boss room again today twice, and able to kill 3 troops leaving only Xerodar with 300+ with no armor left, still lose both time. :sob: (other try was used in Crypt Keepers, will get to Level 400 tomorrow!)

Still, that mean I didn’t get get lucky to get to this point, and my strategy work quite well. With few more tries, I’m confident I could do it! And then, pushing forward with Yao Guai team, Legendary pet will be mine eventually! ^^


Managed to beat SoS lvl 500 without death today, so glad the DE nerf didn’t make it impossible.
Next for me is Crypt.


One last Morana to rule them all!

Video coming soon ;p


WoW. So full Morana team??