Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


Maybe a stupid question, but: what is the difference between gold and delve gold? Delve gold seems to be added to my total count after a match. gold isnt. I am confused …


As you can see in the circled section, each room gives 3 rewards. In this case, you have 400 delve gold that will get increased by whatever total delve multiplier you have at time that you beat the room. The other plain “gold” is the regular gold you get during fights like explore/challenges/etc.


Thanks a lot! But why does the regular gold not go into my total account? I just did the sums and it only added the “delve gold” after the match?!


If that happened, you should probably report it as a bug.


Oh okay, I will test again tomorrow. Out of runs for today. May I messed up …


This is my fast team for Hall of Guardian’s Faction Event today. Boss room is slow because of stoneskin traits? What is even that? :wink:


Dawnbringer is the main attacker troop here. Obsidian Golem is great for dealing with Hall of Guardian troops, and can be useful sometimes against Dwarven Gate, Dark Monolith, or other Golems. Queen Aurora and Scorpius is just there for traits. Won’t work as well past Level 100.

I use this team until Level 90. Have to spend 30 gems as 3rd Valraven is nowhere to be found. Might possible with just 2 Valravens and zero Tier if you get Faeries Ring room 3 times in total.


I use Forest Troll - WorldBreaker - Emperor Liang- Jar of Eyes or Trickster Shot (Titan), All Seeing Eye Banner for HoG faction farming. Basically load WB and take out everyone. Hero is just there to use leftover green and get FT started.

Probably would work at least as well (if not better) with Green Seer instead of Liang. Good for up to about 100 as well.


I use

Winter orb


As a heads up, Dragon’s Eye no longer leaves a very weak 12 HP Baby dragon anymore. While it is still weaker than the troop, it’s not as efficient as before.


So what’s the ideal lineup for Hall of Guardians faction team? Trying to clear 200 there and running into same issue I had with ASE, get to the last room fine, put up a decent fight and then get overwhelmed by the boss team.


Boss room can be overwhelming hard compared to 2 previous rooms. But at Delve Level 200, it’s very managable with the right team position.

You can use the quote to see my progress. To sum up, it’s Silent Sentinel/Ethereal Sentry/Arcane Golem/Gargoyle. Keep using Ethereal Sentry to buff itself and let your Silent Sentinel died. Skull spamming stunned troop my semi-Mang troop can be quite quick. Use your Gargoyle to take out theirs. Once only there are only Ethereal Sentry and Arcane left on their side, it’s hard to lose now if you don’t let them took any skulls.


Thinking of ways to handle high level delves without Dragon’s Eye. Some of these have been discussed already, don’t mean to steal any ideas.

Doubling Damage: (add Ubastet if possible)
Golden Cog + Rowanne or Gard’s Avatar
Cauldron *

Scaling Damage: (add Ubastet if possible)
Mang *
Yasmine’s Pride + Bul’Tauros or Yao
Earth’s Fury + Gargoyle
Charm spell

Scaling Life:
Yasmine’s Pride

Lethal Damage:
Scorpius + Euryali, Magnus, or Shadow Dragon
Megavore + looping (such as Alchemist / Hellcat / Megavore / Megavore)

Great Maw (Timeknight: Maw / Alch / Dawnbringer / Wrath)
Gelatinous Cube + A. Weaver (such as Cube / Weaver / Apo / Syl)

Doomskulls (such as MC or Gorgotha / Gla / Apo / Bloodhammer)
Mana drain (such as Dracos), silence, extra turns, barrier, and/or summoning
Bonnie + gold gen

(*) Such as Dragonguard with Fireblade talent for triple skull damage against burning. Burn with Infernus, Silenus, Stonehammer, or War. Also might use Queen Ysabelle or Keeper of Souls, Glaycion, Wrath etc.

For HoG I might try Dragonguard hero Mang / Weaver / Infernus / Liang.


Nice suggestions. :+1:

I have just one thing to say now that Dragon’s Eye has been nerfed (or any transform).
Why not use Dragon’s Eye along with Dragon Crunsher (if applicable) for a 50% chance to devour these pesky little babies?!


Love that someone actually made a great suggestion rather than crying over a balancing change.


i posted 2 teams on Sep 11th under topic “Best delves strategy” 2 teams with dragon cruncher. problem is: cruncher is not allowed in Hall of Guardians.




maybe someone can build something out of that :slight_smile:


Did one HoG delve with that team, worked ok. I think I like it better than the Maw team.

Then did one with Devoted, to cleanse the silence in the boss room. Bulletes killed Weaver, but finished the delve ok.

Then one with Mang / Devoted / Ish / Infernus for delve level 350. A little unlucky in the boss room, gargoyle killed devoted and no cleanse made mang too slow, lost the delve.

There were a couple times that the burning 3x damage really helped. Also got my first 1000 attack from mang at the Dragon Fountain. :slight_smile:


Most of the new rooms added in 4.1 must have been designed by the Bulette room designer, because they were crafted with a special kind of hate. Pure, distilled, crystallized hate toward the player. So many RNG random auto-deaths everywhere /sigh

And then, there is the Scaled Court (Epic).

There is no place in the Underworld remote enough to banish this abomination of a room. If the room doesn’t end the player’s team outright, there’s almost no way outside of extreme luck in the player’s favor to get past this room without casualties, especially when running a faction team.

Double empowered Lamias (yay for free 2x 100+ damage casts on Turns 1 and 2) + a favorable gem converter for them that all-but-guarantees a free cast for them (and if the Lamia take out anyone, they get an automatic free cast of their spell again).

That room is a complete NOPE from me for the rest of eternity.


This gives me a chance to link this post again:

I encountered the Lamia room and the Tidal room, consecutively, in my first Delve after 4.1 went live. Needless to say, my Tesla-based team did not enjoy the rest of that Delve.

I wonder what the end game is for this. To make some rooms so painful that they become automatic skips, reducing resource gain globally?

Edit: Hanlon’s Razor suggests that “someone didn’t think about outcomes” is more likely than “calculated effort by devs to make Delves less profitable”. But sometimes it’s hard to get my gut to agree with my brain.