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Anyone test with the Guardian Crown? I made a team with it for Hall. If you get shuffled you can use its abilities to buff your hero and put him in front.


I mean… it could work if you aren’t double dragged but if your team is affected twice… it’s not going to work. Not to mention that, if you don’t even have the bulette lair (No dust devil’s in Hall of Guardians), then it’s really a wasted slot.


With out bullet lair, you still get skull protection in first slot via buffs to armor, life and you get a barrier. One of its buffs silences the first slot, so you also get some utility. Skull distraction and AI targeting first slot allows your mana generators and health gainers time to buff the team.

It should bring you to first slot even when double dragged, as it spell indicates one cast brings you to first slot.


The reason I refer to double dragging is if your team is specifically made for the order. For example, if you have a very important troop in the second slot but getting double dragged makes it impossible for it to get mana. That’s what I’m referring to. That and, sometimes Bulette Lair might not even be the mandatory room.


Reward Stats Update:

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Actually, you usually don’t want Grave Seer to cast as that leads to itself being enchanted and being susceptible to 2x true damage from Spectral knight. Tricky business.


There is a lack of “Business Unikitty” on your graphic reports… I hope you fix that as soon as possible. :wink:


You raise a good point. Outside of delves (and my versions), Lady Morana has 94 total while Grave Seer has only 92 total (Armor + Health…) but in delves, Grave Seer gains +9 health making him have 101 total and he’ll always gain enchant… makes me question how the boss version is able to cast it (Unless they don’t get the bonus health).

So yeah… no point in taking Grave Seer if you have traited him at all. That and true damage is always problematic at higher levels and the double damage on enchant from Spectral Knight would be worse.


The boss keeps the troop rarity, so Lady Morana is Legendary, Spectral Knight is Rare and Grave Seer is Epic etc.

I take Grave Seer for the 2nd room where the purple gems don’t replenish themselves.


No… even without ascension bonuses, Grave Seer would still have more overall stats than Lady Morana. Only thing I can assume is that the enemy team’s traits for bonus x stat when delving doesn’t work on the enemies.

If base stats, Morana would be 92 and Grave Seer would be 88 (97 with trait active). Either way, Grave Seer doesn’t enchant Morana unless he somehow gets wounded which is… not ideal.


The reason to cast Grave Seer is to stop their Spectral Knight from casting in the first place, and hope the board is good enough for you to get Lady Morana to full mana before him, and get lucky to insta-kill him first. That way, it might be possible to do it, even at Hoard Level 100.

I won’t get to try it soon though, as Crypt Keeper will be the last Faction I will try to max, as I don’t like that it relied too much on lucky dice rolling, so it might take months before I get back to it.


Apologies because I’m sure both have been answered but here I go.

  1. Is the troop drop only random? Nothing I can upgrade gives me a better chance at getting higher rarity troops.

  2. For best speed run chest rarity do I skip all roman numeral I rooms and battle in all the II, III, IV ect?

Had a 85% and 75% chance to upgrade my quality and failed


The troop drop is random. Here are some % from my drops in Crypt Keeper:
(Sacred Treasure is 0.7% on there.)


Awesome, thank you. I thought it was random but needed to know for sure. I’m just now starting to try to learn about this game mode. I read some of your others posts they are very helpful as well.


You’re welcome :smile_cat:

Good luck with your delving!


So what has been a successful all faction team at the crypt keepers for level 100?

Any suggestions?

I’ll try this


Let’s focus this thread on all faction team strategies, cause i am really scratching my head after having tried an all facion run at Crypt Keepers lv500 today just to see how it feels. Granted i am still on a low hoard level, but seriously how is that supposed to work even at hoard lv1000?
Tried the Lady Moron stack team, but with her 1/3 chance you’re mostly firing blankets at the enemies, and having 3 of them without any spell to produce/match red or blue doesn’t do much other than having two back up dancers. Are we really supposed to throw our sigils at that until we get our exceptional statistic-defying Lady Moron instakill run?


Yep, that pretty much it. Crypt Keeper’s troops synergy is so terrible, so it all falls on Lady Morana’s dice roll of insta-kill.

Bringing Grave Seer is great for prevent their Spectral Knight’s early cast and increasing your chance at insta-kill, but when even 40% chance still fail, there is nothing we can do but try again and hope for the best.


I’m running into a wall using Faction team @ level 200. Hoard is lvl 103. Leech (18), Ocularen (19), Watch (18), Xerodar(19). I get through the first two rooms fine but the boss room runs as a stalemate until I’m finally overwhelmed.

Mostly using the troops in mirror order, but tried other compositions (2 Leech or 2 Watch and no Ocularen) to no avail.

Any tips for team composition and/or strategy there?


The boss rooms team is the best composition i think.
No point in beating level 200 with faction team tho. It doesnt give you enough copies of the pet to legend it. You would want to go for 100, 300, and 500