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level 180. (edit level 160, I was using his example vs the actual delve level). sorry for any confusion.

Clear guidance:


Actually, level 160.

Your three delve picks for the daily scrolls are based on your highest level ever completed in that particular delve, which includes inside the event and is (supposed to be) capped at 500. Your middle scroll pick (1.0 modifier start) will be whatever level it says your delve level is, seen at the bottom right of this UI element.


(If a level is not specified here, you haven’t completed a delve here yet, and you may to “advance” to level 20 with a 2.0 modifier start)

The level displayed here will be the same as on the faction summary screen under “Best Delve Defeated”, unless they allow it to break during the event again (like it did for @TheIdleOne for the last one, allowing it to go over 500 temporarily).

The events delve level is specified at the top middle of the screen:

If you don’t beat the boss event delve level remains static. If you do beat the boss, you advance to the next one in the event. However, this is similar to if you always picked the rightmost scroll option outside - you are advancing or attempting to the level specified at the top.

So, if you reached a displayed level 180 in the event, with the outside level previously at 100, you’d have just completed level 170 and your outside delve level (best delve level defeated) would be 170, with your scroll picks being 160, 170, and 180.

However, if you beat the boss exactly 15 times inside the event, your highest level beaten would only be 160, and your outside delve level would be 160. Because you would have won at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, and 160, so your highest level beaten here is 160.

Side note, if you started a delve at a low level with a scroll and then progressed in the event, that one delve will stay at the level you started it at. For example, I progressed my All-Seeing Eye to delve level 60, but I still had an unfinished level 30 2.0 modifier start. When I ended that run, my choices were 50, 60, or 70 because my delve level was 60 having already beaten the boss at 60 inside the event.

To stay at level 100 HoG delve level with an expected total sigils of 15 (including Valravens, which is within low range for the starting sigils of 9 with t4 weapon purchase), for maximum loot, clear all other rooms for 6 sigils and then Run Away, then clear all rooms and beat the boss on your last 9 runs. This is also way more than enough event points to reach Reward 8, which can be done with a t4 and running away the boss every time (22000 points total needed, est 1.9k-2.1k pts for all the rooms before the boss +~700-750 per boss kill, I ended at 35k for ASE with 5 boss kills and t4 purcahse). If you end up with 2 sigls left after you have done this (17 is also within expected range for 9 starting sigils), you don’t want to beat the level 110 boss inside the event if you want to keep your level 100 delve outside, but you can still Run Away after clearing other rooms without advancing further (it just would have been easier/faster to do it at level 20, also less chance of having a valraven fly away before you can kill it).

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Sigh, I was using his example, didn’t bother to actually check what it would actually be


Yeah, figured that. But also wanted to clarify that you don’t advance your outside level unless you beat your highest level inside, and advancing to a level inside the event just means you beat the previous one. So even if he reached level 180 in the event, he’d only have beaten 170. Its only the difference of one high-modifier chest per faction event using a farming strategy for staying at any given level, but I thought it was an important distinction.


Thanks for this explanation. It makes perfect sense. In daily delves after defeating a boss room, choosing your next delve the middle choice is usually* the same level you just defeated, not the next level. If you defeat 170 in the event and play more event delves without defeating the boss, those delves are forced to be 180, unlike how the daily delves work.

In my case, during the event I accidentally defeated the boss on the first delve. All future event delves were at 30. Then my daily delve was still at 20, which is in agreement with your logic.

(*) not if you just played at 0.5x


wait so using the event you could have one at say 300 do another 300 lvls then after event end up at lvl 600 without actually doing battles from 300 to 600?sounds nice but i dont get why it works like this lmao


Nope. As Mithran said.

The highest level in renown record is always be the highest level you’re able to beat. Level will never be added up from another source.

Now, if you actually beat all the room in previous Level, you will likely be okay on staying higher, just need more time. But if you beat it by doing only 3 required room, you might go higher than you should be and hit the wall, hard.


In the event, it’s as if the x2 card is always clicked for you.

So if you just completed 170 and defeated the boss there, it’s like x2 180 was clicked and next you play 180. Before you defeat that new boss, your delve is still at 170. The 180 on screen isn’t your “delve level” but the level you are playing.


Perhaps I’ve missed something here, which I probably have.

My normal Delve level in HoG is 170.

Today, I go to play the event, expecting to fight at 180+.

It was on 20. Hurray for me. Easy farming and no frustration in getting the points needed to complete the event.

So, what gives with people saying it should be higher/lower? I’m so thoroughly confused here folks… :frowning:


The event always, always starts at level 20. If you go beyond your Underworld level during the event, that replaces your Underworld level after the event finishes.


Ah! Thank you. That was nice and clear.


What a fitting way to end the event! :grin:

The drop is not that good though, only 100+ shards and 60,000 gold.

It’s only ended at Level 90 this time, must be due to that extra 1 more room than All Seeing Eye. It’s interesting that I ended with 7 sigils though, I must be lucky getting 3 Valravens, or it’s really possible to finish all 8 reward stages on Factions with 9 or more rooms without spending a single gem.

Gonna have to spend the rest tomorrow. Don’t want to get burned out again like last week.


But it’s a one day event, right?


Yep. Sorry for being unclear. I mean “my” tomorrow, not the game’s tomorrow.

It’s 10 PM here, and daily reset will start at 2 AM tomorrow for me, so I still have plenty of time to play the remaining sigils.


OK, gothcha. Somehow I assume everyone talks using game-time, as if the day always starts with the daily reset. Like we’re all happily brought together under one time zone.


Somewhere in Tokyo, a Pokémon designer’s hair stands on end.


Delves are so much more fun than guild wars… just saying. :laughing:


Yes it is. I had three ravens and finished with the second to last sigil still running.


Huh… Thanks for the info. Next Hall of Guardian/Crypt Keeper Event, I gonna try to finish the event without spending any gems myself.

Next All Seeing Eye Event would still need some sigils boost due to 8-room map, but I’m gonna look out for that if it’s really need 2 Tiers to get it done.

Right now, my gems hoard is taking a hit again, and I won’t be able to participate in Class event if I want to finish Bounty completely. I don’t need much boost from extra Shards/Treasures anymore, so it’s good to know I can still play them without spending gems.

Also, random quote I stumbled upon that I think could summed up my Delve experience quite nicely.


If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

  • Sun Tzu, The Art of War


If you don’t seek for the weapon (which is absolutely ridiculous for 410 gems each week) you should be fine with tier 2 for the 8 battle delves. Even with three ravens you could be set, don’t buy any sigils in advance.
HoG though, is pretty easy if you own the right troops. I used Mt. Crusher Titan, Divinia, Arach. Weaver, Megavore and went through the whole thing without casualties. It also has no legendary rooms or dust devils (ugh).