Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


Amazing job, @TheIdleOne! Congrats!:tada:


@Drathas, thank you for the idea. I finally beat 190!!

Here Is the boss fight. Death mark hit silent sentinel early on for a great start!

This team did really well. Just annoying on dwarves but made it.

A excellent pull as well.

I wouldn’t use it in wars though because of point deduction but perfect for delves.


This felt good reaching this point today.


Congrats on the incredible achievement!

On balance though… your attempt was crazily insane because you were attempting it with at Treasure Hoard at least 500 ranks too low for what the encounter was balanced around.

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Hoard Rank 1000 yields +182 ATK, +90 MAG, +364 LIFE, and +363 ARMOR.

So, very roughly speaking, a full mythic’d faction team with a Rank 100 Hoard has somewhere in the ballpark of 200 ATK, 100 MAG, 400 LIFE and 400 ARMOR per unit. Now, look at the Rank 500 opponent stats. They are roughly ~25% higher than these expected stats for a faction team with a supporting Rank 1000 Hoard. So, it is fairly safe to say the intended design of the Delve Level 500 encounter was to be taken on with a team with a maxed treasure hoard and still be a challenging encounter to win straight up without relying on insta-kill mechanics. That’s a tough pill to swallow, given the expected tens of millions of gold per faction to get anywhere in the ballpark of a Rank 1000 Hoard (and the insane number of high rarity treasures to even make leveling a Hoard that high even possible).

That makes your achievement, with only a Rank 193 Hoard, all the more impressive.


The gold requirement isn’t the issue so much as the treasure required, I think.


No, its definitely the gold. It rips into you very quickly. You’re almost obligated to only use Legendary/Mythic treasures because the rest just ends up costing way too much for too little gain.


Ah but we can get more gold, we can’t get more treasure than the delve gives us.


I’ll give you an example.

At Hoard level 193, its 196,000 gold to donate 5 treasures of any kind.

So if its 5 Sacred Treasures for 2,500xp for 196k gold, sure no problem
If its 5 Coin Purses for 50xp for 196k gold, that’s a lot of gold when it takes 194 xp to level up.

If all you have is Ultra Rare (50xp) or Rare (25xp) treasures, then its 196k for 1 level up.

The biggest problem is it just gets more expensive to donate AND it takes more XP to level up.

The gold rate could really be lowered considering each Hoard is only for 1 faction…


Wow. If you finish Delve 590, it rolls back to Delve 500.

Faction best stats also roll back to 500.

It stays at 500 after every fight after that too.


That ought to be a bug - at very least the best stats shouldn’t roll back, even if after 590 the intention is that players recycle through 500 to 590 again.

They should fix it before more than a handful of players reach level 500, which means they’ve got a few months at least… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What an Epic start to the week! ^^


Just randomly got an idea while browsing for great Mystic troops for GW defense.

Have anyone tried Sunbird/Megavore/Lust/Lust team in Crypt Keeper yet? Double charm for armor-less enemies might be powerful enough to win the match with crazy attack-stats troops.


Gyus a question.I had crypt keepers at level 20.Then I played the last faction event for this faction,and reached as far as level 160.When the event ended,it stayed at level 160.Is this normal?


Megavore is blocked by Sunbird, right? And you have no mana generators on that team which means trading blows for a while with those super-charged AI troops. And what happens if you cast Lust and it transforms an enemy? Do they come in at level 500?


Yes, here’s a discussion: PSA: What Happens in the Delve Event Does NOT Stay in the Delve Event


Just did a couple Hall delves at 50 and 60 with Alchemist / Hellcat / Infernus / Megavore.

As the first two loop, they make plenty of extra red and yellow to fill Infernus. When I can’t loop anymore, he gets rid of some skulls and blocks. Alchemist is immune to silence which is nice in the boss room.

But it’s pretty slow. Second delve was the faster one at 20 minutes. High levels will be slower as Infernus becomes less able to kill, and I have to wait for Megavore’s trait. At that point I might switch Infernus for Moneylender or Devoted to keep the loop going longer. Which will be even slower.

Alchemist was hit with skulls a few times, which might be deadly at high delve level. Avoiding this will mean moving slower.

If I plan to buy 6 tiers, then I might do the first 10 or more sigils at delve level 20. I want the climb to be fun! Raid/invasion with underpowered teams is fun for an hour, it would be painful to do it for 8 hours in one day. At least for me.


Crypt delve. Almost hit a grand slam if I would have paid attention to the all on color task.

So close!

I took my crypt level to 40. My daily’s can handle it.:rofl::joy:

And remember during the daily fights you can defeat the boss! As long as you do the middle fight. :wink:


Yeah, need some luck on starting board to get Megavore going with Blue/Brown. But once it did, Sunbird can keep casting to heal itself, doing its own 100+ damage and up to 800+ damage from double charm with every cast.

It doesn’t necessary need to be Level 500, as that level can one-shot everything by spell. It should work in any levels, as charm is scaled directly with their increasing attack-stats.

I’m not sure about how transfrom work on both side. If it the same as Dragon’s Eye, that’s even better.


you can also try Night Hag or Spooky Imp, if you like to transform into a low level :slight_smile:


Right. Sorry if the answer to this is in the 400+ posts above. I want to check something on today’s HoG Faction event.

  • my HoG Delves on the map are at level 100, which I can farm okay
  • today HoG event Delves start at level 20
  • every HoG event Delve I finish makes the next event Delve go up +10 levels
  • what happens to my underlying HoG Delve level on the map when today’s event finishes?

Suppose I complete say 15 event Delves, getting the event HoG to level 180. Tomorrow after reset, what does my underlying HoG look like:

  • still at 100, ignoring the event? Feels unlikely
  • now at level 180, taking the higher of the event and underlying? I don’t want this to happen
  • now at 250, because the 15 completed ones were added to my underlying level? Certainly don’t want this to happen

The whole system is bizarre, too complex and the inability to go backwards is really really flawed.

@Slypenslyde @mithran I assume one of you can answer this?

@Saltypatra is there any clear guidance anywhere?